At proof. we believe that what we say is less important than what we do.  As a result, our goal is for you to get to know us through our actions.  We deliver professional, timely and friendly pest control services in many cities in Michigan and Massachusetts. But, in the meantime . . .

What We Value:

1. He or she who has a “why,” can bear almost any “how.”

While there is no order to our other core values, there is a reason “our why” come first. There is meaning behind everything we do and that meaning has nothing to do with money.  We could be anywhere doing anything.  We chose proof. and proof. chose us. There is a reason for that.  We love working together to achieve a common goal that is bigger than ourselves.  We love when customers look to us to help them solve a problem. We love proof. because there is a higher purpose in what we do. 

2. Putting a smile on our customers’ faces puts a smile on ours.

We love having opportunities to show our customers what we are made of.  With every encounter we want to do two things: 1. provide value (see #8), and 2. make sure that those with whom we interact have a better day simply by talking to us.  

3. Just like Kenny and Dolly, “We Rely on Each Other (uh, huh).”

Contrary to the reputation of Darrelle Revis, no man is an island.  That is evident at proof.  Our team members have specialized skills that we share with one another.  We are not afraid to ask for help because doing so does not mean we are weak, it proves we are strong. There is a lot our team members cannot do alone.  There is NOTHING we cannot do together.   

4. “What’s dangerous is NOT to evolve.”

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, said that, and at proof., we take it to heart. Change is not easy. Have you seen how many people still have flip phones?! At proof., we are always looking for ways to improve and adapt.  We do a lot of things right-just ask our customers. That doesn’t stop us from finding or creating a better way. If we are always on the move, no one can catch us.  

5. Positivity attracts success-not the other way around.

Our team members are naturally positive, optimistic, happy people.  We love life and we think the world is a wonderful place.  While we are not naive enough to think that everything works out exactly as we want it to, we do not let our circumstances determine our mood. Our thoughts determine our actions, and our actions determine our circumstances.  

6. Everyone is valuable and deserves to be treated that way.

We are great to everyone. We love each other, our customers and our vendors.  We also love those who don’t fall into one of those categories.  For example, we treat those who reach us by calling the wrong number just like we would treat a longtime customer.  People appreciate being treated like they are worth something and we enjoy being the ones who do it.   

7. We empower our people with training and education.

proof. hires only high quality, talented, and motivated individuals.  Thus, to reward team members just for being who they are, proof. is dedicated to the ongoing training, education, and improvement of each individual.  proof. takes unconventional steps to help its team members progress in areas both related, and unrelated, to proof.

8. Provide value with EVERY interaction.

We are listeners first, problem-solvers second.  If we do not understand what you REALLY want, we will never know how to help you.  Thus, we listen to make sure we know why our customers want to do business with us as well as how we can help someone who calls us looking for a service that we do not provide.  We want to make sure each person is glad he or she spoke with us. That is why we listen first and make sure we leave each person “better than we found them.”

9. We laugh together . . . ALOT!

We hire people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and personalities.  It adds immeasurable value not attainable through other means.  That said, be warned! We will not hire you if we do not like you.  Sorry, not sorry.  We hire people we like because we enjoy each other and enjoy coming to work.

10. Accountability makes us who we are and why we are proud.

At proof. we “own it.”  That is, we own our responsibilities at home, at work, and in our communities.  We know others rely on us and we embrace that. Chuck Norris may not make mistakes, but we do.  However, we are accountable for our mistakes.  By being accountable, we are able to learn from our errors because we know that doing better next time is within our control. It is acceptable to make mistakes at proof. It is unacceptable to not learn from them.

What do you believe proof. stands for?  Whether you are a customer, vendor or passerby, let us know-good or bad (see #10 above).

Who We Are:

proof.’s story is about giving back.  proof. was founded by two brothers who were born and raised in a small farming town.  Their town was so small, that it had (and has) one stop light and zero McDonald’s.  The brothers grew up in a family of eight with modest financial means. Notwithstanding the strong family work ethic, on more than one occasion, the family relied on others to make ends meet.  Although they were entirely unaware of their meager circumstances at the time, the brothers demonstrated their dedication to serving and giving to others in their community.  They constantly dreamed of achieving more.  That dream was fueled by their desire to give more to others.

At a relatively young age the brothers moved to separate South American countries to provide service to those in need.  After multiple years living in poverty-stricken countries, they moved back to the United States with a love for the South American people they served and a resolve to continue to give of themselves and their means.  While overseas, the brothers realized that, much like themselves growing up in humble circumstances, the South American people did not focus on everything they did not have and found joy in the little they did.  This realization made a lasting impression on them.  After their time in South America, the brothers pursued various educational and business endeavors, and found much success in both.

proof. is a product of the brothers’ experience-that of growing up in humble circumstances and serving in South America.  To prove it, proof. has joined forces with Michigan charities to serve those who could use a hand, and provide a little something to those who frequently go without.  proof. is dedicated to Michigan, its people, its communities, and its organizations.  proof. is committed to doing its part to restore the greater Detroit area to its potential. When you team up with proof. as a customer, an employee, or a partner, you add to proof.’s legacy of service, and contribute to Michigan’s economy. proof. and its people are invested in Michigan; are you?

Our Purpose:

proof. is a provider:

To our customers, peace of mind.

To our employees, a place to trust and be trusted.

To our environment, green and toxic-free products.

To our community, a portion of our profits and our time.


The people of proof. are experienced enough to know that the best way to reach their goals is to serve others; wise enough to believe that people want and deserve extraordinary customer service; and bold enough to make and keep commitments at all costs.

proof. guarantees its services because it takes its customers’ pest problems personally. proof. puts its customers first because they are the lifeblood of the company.

proof.’s pride is its employees because they solve problems, constantly strive for improvement and exude the integrity which is the core of everything proof. does.

proof. provides services that its customers trust and its employees are proud of.

proof. is in the business of creating relationships. Killing bugs is merely a byproduct.