A common misconception we hear in the pest control industry is bedbugs only infest unclean or dirty homes.

We know first hand, this is not true. And, unfortunately for Kyrie Irving, superstar of the Cleveland Cavaliers, so does he.  

On Sunday, the Cavs were set to play a potential playoff contender in the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, Kyrie had to sit out, and ESPN now reports that it wasn’t because he had a stomach bug. He had a “real” bug.

After losing to the Detroit Pistons Monday night, an ESPN reporter caught up with Irving. “Our team said I was out with flu-like symptoms,” Kyrie said, “It was honestly from the bedbugs from the frickin’ Hilton that we stayed at.”

Oklahoma City Skirvin Hilton

The aforementioned hotel is the infamous Skirvin Hilton Hotel, one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels in Oklahoma City.  

Although Irving blamed the hotel for this untimely event, it isn’t entirely the hotel’s fault. You see, bedbugs travel on people.

The following scenario could have easily happened:

  • A wealthy businessman may have left his Tumi briefcase next to his daughter’s backback.
  • A fellow student brought the bugs to school, and one or two crawled from his or her coat onto the backpack.
  • Then the wealthy businessman stays comfortably in his 5 star room, where he, unbeknownst to him, infests the room with the vicious vampire insect.
  • A few days or weeks later, the bedbugs decide they want to snack on the former NBA Allstar.

An ESPN reporter got the details by speaking to one of the hotel representatives. “Unfortunately, every hotel occasionally has a case of bed bugs. This is one of those cases where a guest did bring bed bugs to this particular room, and it was reported to us, fortunately, and we responded immediately and put the room out of order and all of the surrounding rooms to be inspected by a professional company. We actually had the company come out first thing Monday morning, and we found it was an isolated case in the one room, and we’re taking the necessary steps to remediate the problem.” Good for them!

Bedbug on Sheets

Clean homes and clean hotels are just as likely to get bedbugs as ones that are unkempt.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself from getting bedbugs while traveling:

1.)  Don’t expect the cost of your room has anything to do with having bedbugs or not.

2.)  Check the mattress for spots or stains; you’ll have to remove the sheets.

3.)  Keep luggage on tiles surfaces, not on the carpet. Bedbugs hide in the carpet and can transfer much easier.

4.) If you notice bites, make sure to put all your clothes in the dryer on high heat to kill any bedbugs or their eggs.

5.) If you ever feel like you may have bedbugs in your home, hire a professional pest control service immediately to perform an inspection, waiting may cost you more than a game away from your teammates.

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