Carpenter ants

The 3 Most Common Pest Problems for Novi Homeowners

There is much to love about Novi, Michigan:

  • Novi has great schools and communities.
  • It has numerous places to shop and eat.
  • It has beautiful homes and scenery.
  • It is a safe and fun place to live. Novi is not only one of the best cities in Oakland County, it is one of the best in all of Michigan – that is a scientific fact. Well, science may not have anything to do with it, but anyone who has visited Novi knows that it really does not get much better.

Lakes, trees and vegetation contribute to Novi’s unmatched beauty. However, inherent in such a natural backdrop are critters.

In this post, I will identify and discuss three of the most common pests that infest Novi homes, as well as those in other parts of southeastern Michigan.

While it is typical for pests to invade general areas, it is still possible for one home to have a certain pest problem, while the house next door has a pest problem that is altogether different.

Therefore, as a Novi homeowner, even though you will not likely have all three pest problems that will be discussed herein, it is almost certain that at least one of them is causing you, or has caused you, an unneeded headache.

The pests most prevalent in Novi neighborhoods are carpenter ants, wasps, and spiders.

Carpenter Ants in Novi, Michigan

Densely wooded areaCarpenter ants are large, shiny black ants. As such, they are fairly easy to identify.

While carpenter ants vary in size, they can grow as large as 1/2″ to 3/4″. Carpenter ants nest in moist, hollowed-out wood. They thrive in tree trunks and decks where a nest has been created for them either naturally, or by another pest.

One of the reasons that carpenter ants thrive in Novi is because of the numerous wooded areas that it has to offer. Carpenter ants readily infest trees in Novi because of the natural harborage such trees afford. As a result, homes with numerous trees in the backyard or on other parts of the property are susceptible to a carpenter ant infestation.  

If you have decaying or dead trees or logs around your home, it is critical that you remove them so as to eliminate natural nesting areas for carpenter ants.