The Community.

Proof Gives Back in Arizona, Michigan and Massachusetts Winter 2017

A large part of our culture here at proof. is about giving back to the communities we serve. Since our company started in the Detroit area several years ago, we’ve participated in a number of different events including a community cleanup and a meal event at a local rescue mission. This winter, our employees in […]

Martha’s Vineyard is Beautiful, but Watch Out for Ticks!

Martha’s Vineyard prides itself on being an excellent summer destination – a home away from home, mostly because of its mild summers and beautiful beaches. Thousands of tourists flock to the island during the summer months, plus many residents only reside there during that same three month stretch. However, along with catching some summer rays or oceanic fish, […]


Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me?

Ever wonder what makes mosquitoes bite you? For the record, it is the female that does all the biting. Females utilize the protein from our blood to make their eggs. Males are the good guys, who stick to preying on flower nectar. So what makes these female mosquitoes bite us…or at least some of us? […]

Proof. Employees Provide Service at Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

At proof., our core values guide us in our personal and business lives. To us, our core values are not just words on a page. They actually mean something. We use and refer to them daily. They help us make decisions and confront difficult situations. One of our core values is accountability. Specifically, “we own […]

6 Telltale Signs of Bed Bugs in your Group Home

One of the most common pest issues facing group homes in Michigan is bed bug infestations. Group homes tend to have higher turnover of residents than most living situations so they are statistically more likely to be infested. If you see one of the following 6 telltale signs, there is a good chance your facility […]


The Nasty Little Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small, flat, oval insects that can invade your home. They most commonly feed on humans, although their food source is the blood from any human or animal. Being they live on blood, they can be found anywhere they can find their food source. This means that it does not matter if your home is […]


Happy Day of Independence

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Proof. Pest! 240 years ago, the Declaration of Independence was adopted, announcing the colonies’ independence from British Empire, leading to the United States. It is a day to celebrate indeed. The 4th of July has become an American Federal holiday and is celebrated nationwide. Places throughout […]

Zika Virus – How it Affects Massachusetts

Florida just became a hot bed for the Zika virus in the United States. In the last couple of days, 14 reported cases of locally transmitted Zika virus have been found in a neighborhood slightly north of Miami. The infected mosquitoes have not been captured, but officials have confirmed that this cluster of cases is not travel­-related or […]


Ways to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

In our last post we touched on why mosquitoes bite us. Today we offer a few tips to help naturally repel these biting bugs. Don’t Hang Out Where They Hang Out Mosquitoes tend to be most active in the early morning hours and at dusk. Ideally, you will want to avoid being out during those […]


Herbs that Repel Unwanted Pests

Did you know that herbs are natural pest repellants? Although there is no substitute for professional pest control services, there are some great herbs you may have around your home that really do help repel unwanted spiders and insects throughout the year.  Herbs can work great both in your indoor space and outdoor space.  Insect-repelling […]