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Have You Seen This In Your House?

Spring is around the corner. Many know this by what a certain rodent’s shadow displays. However, we know this when the first signs of this bug starts showing itself all over the city.   Spring is the time of year when The Black Carpenter Ant appears inside kitchens and bathrooms in South-Eastern Michigan. And unless your home […]

Why Winter Pest Control Service is Needed in Michigan

It’s winter in Michigan, the temperatures are dropping, and all of the bugs and pests are dying due to the cold, right? FALSE! Pest control should still be a concern for all Michigan homeowners in the winter months, as well as the warmer months. Let me explain why. BUGS DON’T JUST DIE OFF You might not […]

Aerial and Paper Nesting Wasps

During the warm summer months in Michigan, we start to see many wasp nests appear on the sides of houses, corners of fences, or in the branches of trees. These large papery nests swarming with stinging insects are very intimidating, especially when they are so close to your home! Unfortunately, unlike bees, wasps can be very […]

Natural Ways to Reduce BBQ-Disturbing Pests

If you live in Michigan, a barbeque on a warm summer evening is almost as rare as a total lunar eclipse or something.   I mean, the winter is cold here…obviously! But the summers…can also be pretty wet and occasionally cold with lots and lots of rain. So when a “nice day” appears, one must […]

Bedbugs Don’t Care How Rich and Famous You Are–Kyrie Irving Misses Game

A common misconception we hear in the pest control industry is bedbugs only infest unclean or dirty homes. We know first hand, this is not true. And, unfortunately for Kyrie Irving, superstar of the Cleveland Cavaliers, so does he.   On Sunday, the Cavs were set to play a potential playoff contender in the Oklahoma […]

Do You Have Bed Bugs? Here’s the Top 3 Ways to Find Out

Do you have bed bugs, or just some other pest that has invaded your home and needs to be exterminated? Bed bugs have recently made a comeback in many parts of the United States. Tighter restrictions on pesticides have helped bed bugs develop stronger resistance to widely used insecticides, which has boosted their populations, unfortunately. […]

Cleanup Detroit: 2015 Proof. Gives Back

On July 18th, 2015, the sales team at Proof. Pest Control partnered with Detroit’s Urban Development Corporation and Onebrick to help clean up the northeast side of Detroit.   As is well known, much of Detroit’s neighborhoods have been affected greatly by economic downturns. Thousands of homes are vacant and in need of much work. […]

The Zika Virus and What It Means for Us in Michigan

So what’s all of this talk about the Zika Virus and mosquitoes? Maybe you aren’t too worried about it right now since it’s cold outside and there aren’t many mosquitoes currently flying around Michigan, but let me share some insights and reasons why you should take some precautions against this new threat. What is the […]

Proof’s Top Ten Children’s Books about Bugs

Insects have always fascinated children. As I child, I kept a praying mantis as a pet and fed it crickets every week. My sister had an A Bug’s Life themed birthday party, cake and all. My husband collected spiders and kept them in jars in his room. We know children are truly captivated by the world of bugs. […]

The Pest Flies Invading Your Home

Flies are fairly recognizable as far as pests go, but identifying exactly what kind of fly you are seeing around your home is a little tricky. If you can’t tell by appearance alone, you can often figure out the species of a fly by its source. Once you determine the species, you are more likely […]