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Reclaim your house & yard from flies this fall with Fly Control from proof. Get FAST, EFFECTIVE results, starting right away!

Here’s How We Keep Flies Out.

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    Initial visit: your technician will perform a thorough inspection around your home to find breeding & feeding sources. Next, they will apply a custom treatment to all these areas, both indoors & outdoors. This treatment will eliminate most of your existing fly population within the first week.
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    Monthly visits to maintain protection: each treatment maintains effectiveness for about 30 days, so once a month your technician will re-apply treatment to maintain your home’s protection & eliminate new flies.
Protect your home from flies all fall!

Fly Control FAQs

Our treatment will take care of all kinds of house flies, all kinds of fruit flies, and even all kinds of gnats!
Our treatment kills flies on contact within several minutes. In general, it takes about a week for most flies in an area to come into contact with the treatment & get eliminated.
No, our treatment is designed to only attract flies within a small radius (5 to 10 feet). The treatment will be applied to areas in your yard & home where it can attract & eliminate your existing fly population.
No, our treatments have no lingering odor, and the spray treatments we use dry clear.
No, there is no long-term contract. Our Fly Control is a monthly service. For best results, most customers maintain service through the busy fly months (March – October).
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