Carpenter ants are usually easy to identify because of their shiny black color and large size (1/2 to 3/4 inches when full grown). Most Michigan and Boston residents refer to them as simply “large black ants,” that they notice in their kitchen or bathroom. The Black Carpenter Ant is the primary pest species in Michigan and similarly prominent in Boston. These ants are not selective about the age of homes they invest, but since they make their nests in wood, they mostly prefer sections of the house with a lot of moisture, or wood that is rotting.

Activity, Habitat & Diet

Carpenter ants are active during spring and summer in wooded areas of the state. Homes that back up to the woods are many times more susceptible to getting a carpenter ant infestation. These large ants occupy dead trees and decaying logs and stumps. Always make sure to clear the land immediately around the home of any type of rotting wood, including firewood.

Adult carpenter ants forage at night in hot weather. Many of our customers get confused at what carpenter ants eat since they live in wood nests they create. Different from termites, carpenter ants DO NOT eat wood, they merely chew through it. Carpenter ants are omnivorous however, feeding on honeydew, plant juices, and insects.

Inside the Home

After about 3-6 years, colonies produce winged males and queens which are active from late spring through midsummer. This is the time of the year the home and business owner needs to be particularly vigilant. Because carpenter ants infest in dark places, many times they can be living in the home unseen. Always look for saw dust material along the edge of the wall, especially in unfinished portions of the house. In the basement, proof. technicians usually find frass (saw dust material mixed with dead ant peices caused by insects) along the wall underneath upstairs kitchens or bathrooms.

What proof. Professionals Do To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Dealing with carpenter ants is a professional job because locating the nest can be somewhat difficult and over the counter products WILL NOT work. We specialize in treating these damaging pests and we include coverage for them in our standard Residential Insects & Spiders Service (unlike a lot of pest control companies who make you pay for a separate carpenter ant service). Call today to speak with one of our friendly experts and get a free quote!


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