There are two common home invasive crickets to south-eastern Michigan and Boston:

  • House Cricket
  • Field Cricket

House Cricket

The house cricket is typically straw-colored with red to brown markings. On the head, there are two dark bars. Males give a faint triple chirp sound when wanting to attract a mate. Because house crickets don’t have a dormancy period, their population can escalate quite quickly.

Field Cricket

Field Crickets are much darker in color, from dark reddish to brown to even black coloration. This species is typically found during summer and fall months when nights reach 77 degrees or warmer. Usually homes or businesses that back up to or are surrounded by grassy habitats may have trouble keeping Field Crickets out. The males chirping is slow and very familiar in series, and for this reason, these crickets are the most annoying when they get inside.

How Crickets Get Inside

Similar to other insects, crickets can enter the home through a myriad of ways. In Michigan and Boston, most crickets are found in the garage and in wall voids in the basement. Any crack or crevice around the foundation, including the cracks in unsealed windows and doors, offers free entrance for crickets. Make sure the foundation is sealed correctly and all doors and window seals are tight. Keeping the garage door open, especially during night-time hours, is not a good idea for more reasons than simply keeping bugs out.

What proof. Professionals Do To Get Rid Of Crickets

Proof. Pest Control offers a Residential Insects & Spiders Service plan that seals the foundation and mulch areas with a product that will not only stop an immediate cricket infestation, but will continue to provide a barrier lasting up to 3 months. Our quarterly service is always 100% guaranteed, so if the crickets come back, a quick call and we will be there to solve any influx at no additional charge.

Our service also includes control of other insects such as: ants, wasps, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, silverfish, among many others. Call today and we’ll tell you all about it and give you a free quote!


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