Pantry pests (a.k.a. “stored product pests” and “cereal pests”) include several different kinds of insects that eat processed foods and grains commonly found in kitchen pantries.

What do pantry pests eat?

Pantry pests feed on any number of the following:

  • cereal,
  • pasta,
  • pet food,
  • bird seed,
  • powdered milk,
  • corn starch,
  • flour,
  • fruit,
  • nuts,
  • and many similar foods and grains.

What are the most common types of pantry pests?

The Indian meal moth (pictured above) is by far the most common pantry pest.

The Indian meal moth, however, is not alone in the pantry pest world. The saw-tooth grain beetle and the cigarette beetle are also common pantry intruders.

How do I know if I have a pantry pest problem?

While some pantry pest insects are small and resemble the color of their food, others, like the Indian meal moth, are almost impossible to ignore. That is because Indian meal moths fly around in plain sight because they are attracted to the light.

If you have any suspicion of an infestation, a thorough inspection of your pantry and other food-storing areas of your house is necessary. Don’t forget to inspect dog food and bird seed in your garage. Such areas are havens for Indian meal moths and other pantry pests, and frequently go unnoticed.

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