Silverfish live in houses year-round, especially in attics and spaces in between walls and under flooring where conditions are moist and warm.

An Interesting Diet

Adult silverfish east all kinds of starchy human foods as well as paper, cotton, linen, silk, and glue. Silverfish seem to especially enjoy the glue that is used to bind books.


Silverfish are uniformly a silvery gray color and are small, elongated, and mostly flat insects. Their slim bodies allow them to access homes from the outside quite easily. Once inside, silverfish thrive with their varied diet and accessible food throughout. In Michigan and Boston, silverfish are commonly seen trapped in bathroom or kitchen sinks or in the tub. That is because these surfaces are so smooth that silverfish can’t climb out once they get in.

What proof. Professionals Do To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Because silverfish are mostly nocturnal and reclusive, they are difficult to get rid of, even for the seasoned professional. Keeping a consistent barrier on the foundation will help keep silverfish from entering the home. Once they’ve gotten inside, it is always recommended to call a local exterminator.

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