Ticks are vectors (“carriers”) of numerous diseases, including:

  • Lyme disease,
  • Colorado tick fever,
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever,
  • and the list goes on.

Ticks are parasites in the literal sense of the word.

Common Tick Species

These are five of the most common tick species:

  • the American Dog tick,
  • the Black-legged tick,
  • the Lone Star tick,
  • the Woodchuck tick,
  • and the Brown Dog tick.

Diseases Spread By Ticks

The American Dog tick is, by far, the most common tick we see. It will repeatedly bite humans and pets. Not that we would want them around anyway but they are known to carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.

The Black-legged tick is quickly causing a significant public health concern in Michigan. The Black-legged tick is the vector for Lyme disease, granulocytic anaplasmosis, and babesiosis. The Black-legged tick is most-commonly found in the eastern Michigan; in both upper and lower peninsula.

The Lone Star tick is increasingly becoming a problem in Michigan and Boston. The Lone Star tick is common in wooded areas that have high white-tailed deer populations. It is also a carrier of monocytic ehrlichiosis and tularemia.

The Brown Dog tick (a.k.a. ‘Kennel tick”) is uniquely apt at surviving and breeding indoors. It is a vector of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, canine ehrlichiosis and canine babesiosis.

The Woodchuck tick is known to bite both humans and animals. The Woodchuck tick carries Powassan Encephalitis.

The significant majority of diseases carried by ticks are treatable with antibiotics. Timing is the key to treatment. Those who promptly seek treatment usually recover quickly and fully. After a tick bite, it is important to monitor your general health and seek professional medical help.

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