Wasps are a common problem in our service areas. There are two main types of wasps we see: the paper wasp and the yellow jacket wasp.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps construct paper nests from wood that they chew into pulp. The paper wasp queen, is the lone female that over-winters. She starts her nest by attaching a thick paper strand to an overhanging structure and builds hollow cells by chewing wood or plant cellulose mixed with water and shaped with her mouth. These small nest beginnings take an umbrella-like shape.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets come in two different types depending on how they nest: Aerial Nesters and Underground Nesters. As the names imply, aerial nesters build nests that hang in trees and shrubs, and underground nesters build nests underground. One species of yellow jacket is the bald-faced hornet, which typically builds its nest by attaching it in a protected area of a building or in a tree. Sometimes, because of how aggressive these pests can be, we recommend using a bee suit while performing yellow jacket removal.

How To Protect Your Home From Paper Wasps And Yellow Jackets

  • Remove old nests and scrape the point of attachment as previous wasp pheromones will attract new queens to build a nest in the same location
  • Remove ripe fruit that has fallen from nearby trees as soon as possible
  • Caulk any possible entry point in attics, window frames, and around wall penetrations to keep over-wintering wasps out of rooms and wall voids.
  • Clean garbage cans regularly and make sure lids are sealed tight
  • Remove soft drink cans, candy wrappers, or other sources of refuse during periods of wasp and yellow jacket activity

What proof. Professionals Do To Get Rid Of Wasps

We provide complete wasp removal service for both paper wasps and yellow-jackets:

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