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I am slowly (but surely) becoming a LeBron James fanatic.

Even admitting that out loud is not easy. And please, do not mention this to my Kobe-worshipping, Lakers-loving, L.A. born-and-bred, wife.  

So what if I’m not a Cavs fan? And who cares if I never was a Heat fan? I LOVE LEBRON JAMES and I want to shout it from the rooftops. (Sorry about that.  Getting a little carried away).

So why am I so excited about LeBron? (we’re on a first name basis now). Well, for starters, he is arguably the greatest player to ever play the game. I know, I know, “what about Jordan, Kareem, Bird, Johnson …?” Didn’t I did say arguably?  

But, do you disagree that he is the greatest small forward to ever play? I highly doubt it. (If you still don’t agree, take a look at a few of LeBron’s accomplishments below).

But that’s not even it. Ya, he’s great but I think he’s much more than a great basketball player. He is starting to quiet the naysayers. It didn’t happen all at once, and there will always be a few that harp on an ill-advised shot or criticize him for not being able to close a big game. But he is responding to all of them the best way possible – by filling up stat sheets and winning basketball games.

So who is trash-talking LeBron? I thought you’d never ask.

For years it seemed like everyone who wasn’t a Cleveland (and then a Heat) fan tried to downplay the King’s supremacy.

According to the “experts,” either he was too immature and took too many shots (first run with Cleveland) or he needed other superstars on his team to win (Miami’s “Big Three”).  

And we have all heard the “I’m gonna take my talents to South Beach” criticism. I’m the first to admit that was not his best moment. But even though he appears at times to be from another planet, he is still human.

“Well, Mr. Bug Guy, LeBron is only winning now because of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.” Wait, Kevin who? (I know, a little much.)  And secondly, Cleveland won a tight Game 2 WITHOUT Kyrie.

Even Skip Bayless is shameless in his criticism of LeBron.

Shortly after the Game 2 victory, Bayless tweeted a few thoughts:

  • “Never thought I’d see the night that a kid named Dellavedova from Australia took LeBron James off the hook.”
  • And: “Ladies and gentlemen, Matthew Dellavedova, star of the night.”
  • Wait, there’s more: “At least the Cavs have one clutch player: Delly.”

Are you joking Skippy?  

Sure, Stephen Curry had an off night and “Delly” played some good D. But let’s take a look at the stat line for the “star of the night:” 9 points on 3-10, 5 boards, 1 assist and 6 turnovers in 42 minutes. On the other hand, LeBron: 39 points on 11-35, 16 boards, 11 assists, 3 turnovers in 50 minutes.

Wait, did I just compare Matthew Dellavedova to LeBron James? That is the ridiculous thing about Bayless and the other LeBron haters out there – they have to reach into the absurd to take a shot at LeBron.  

But this article isn’t about Bayless or any other nonbeliever of the Chosen One. It is about LeBron and bugs, and includes a little preview into the rest of the NBA Finals.

My prediction, Cavs in 6. And here’s why; the Warriors’ strategy to defend LeBron is analogous to the pest control world.

A world in which I solve pest problems like LeBron backs down defenders. And, in the right light, those defending LeBron resemble insects that I destroy everyday.

Draymond Green is to LeBron as a yellow jacket is to me.

Just like Draymond, yellow jackets can be very aggressive if agitated or threatened. Also, just like yellow jackets who will sting a victim multiple times, Draymond will foul, and foul, and foul LeBron. We saw this at the end of Game 2.  

The effects of a yellow jacket sting will vary depending on the victim. A sting will usually result in red, irritated, swelling skin. Unfortunately for LeBron, when Draymond (and others) fouled him late in Game 2, there was no physical proof of the infraction. Maybe if there were, the refs would have got a call or two right.


Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala each took a turn trying to slow LeBron down.

“Trying” is the key word in that sentence. Their defense has an uncanny resemblance to the characteristics of mice.

1. First, they are small (well, not really, but compared to LeBron they are).

While Harrison is 6’8″, just like LeBron, Harrison’s 225 pound frame is about 30 pounds less than LeBron’s. And Andre is ONLY 6’6″ 215.  

2. Second, Harrison and Andre are incredibly quick and use that quickness to pester LeBron.  

3. Finally, just like mice, Harrison and Andre are curious. While watching Game 3, pay attention to the subtle moves LeBron gets them to bite on.

The rest of the Golden State Warriors are just like ants.

Ants are community bugs that are very intelligent: 

  • They communicate well with each other,
  • they have defined roles which they use to benefit the community,
  • and they come at you in droves.

The Warriors share those characteristics on the floor:

  • They are a well-coached, intelligent team.
  • They double and triple-team LeBron for the common good.

However, just like ants cannot get the best of proof. Pest Control and its customers, the Warriors cannot (and will not) get the best of LeBron.

There you have it. The skeptics are going to continue to talk and LeBron is going to continue to quiet them. Not even the pesky Warriors are going to be able to slow him down.

A Few of LeBron’s Accomplishments

  • 2 x NBA Champion (2012, 2013)
  • 2 x NBA Finals MVP (2012, 2013)
  • 4 x NBA MVP (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013)
  • 5 Consecutive NBA Finals appearances (with 2 different teams, I might add)
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2004)
  • NBA Scoring Champion (2008)
  • 2 x NBA All-Star Game MVP (2006, 2008)
  • 11 x NBA All-Star (2005-2015)
  • 11 x All-NBA

(My fingers are getting tired from typing.  You can see wikipedia for the rest.)