Keeping unwanted pests out of your home requires a Smarter Approach. Upon arrival at your residence, a licensed proof. professional will perform a thorough inspection in order to identify the source of the problem.

Many pest control companies treat homes blindly, using incorrect products and application techniques for the given problem. This general disregard can sometimes turn an easy fix into a much more difficult situation, extending the time it takes to control the pest population.

In Residential Pest Control, proof. implements smart solutions, which often include resolving a problem using botanically-derived products. The pest control industry is already full of companies using traditional chemicals – proof. is different.

Although we can use any product available, we just don’t believe harsh products are the first solution. Sometimes insecticides, whether botanical or synthetic, may not even be necessary. Exclusion and habitat alteration is what proof. technicians try to implement BEFORE applying nonessential products. This leads to a safer treatment process, the elimination of pests, and a cleaner environment.

Four Season Protection

We are lucky to have four seasons in our main service areas, but with each season comes a specific set of pests.

With proof. Pest Control, there is nothing to worry about. Each season, a proof. exterminator will perform a detailed service to keep pests out the entire year. Every seasonal application is customized to treat and prevent the common pests AND occasional invaders on the inside and out.


During the spring, ants de-winterize and start entering homes. Other insects follow suit so protected homes will quickly notice an increase in spiders, crickets, centipedes, silverfish, and beetles, among other creepy crawlers. Getting a proof. barrier down prior to warmer temperatures will prevent infestation and halt bugs from taking over.


Once summer arrives and days are much longer, families begin to see an increase in wasps, yellow jackets, and mud daubers. The proof. professional taking care of your home will make sure all wasp nests are removed from porches, eaves and overhangs, and the garage. Additionally, we will apply a product to these areas that makes it much more difficult for wasps to develop. The proof. barrier will once again be applied to the foundation and landscaping to keep ants, spiders, and other insects from working their way inside.


When days start decreasing in length and temperatures drop, spiders start wanting to find safe harbor from the elements. We notice spiders are most active during fall months, feeding on the increased insect population from summer. We will again apply a proof. barrier to the foundation of your home. Eaves and overhangs will be swept clean of cob-webs, and quarterly interior inspections will be performed when necessary. Window seals, door jams, and other common entry points will be sealed in preparation for the winter.


Although mice are active year round, the colder months are when homeowners notice an increase in rodent population. During our winter service, homes are inspected and treated for mice. Interior spiders and insects are treated and entry points are sealed. We apply the proof. barrier once again to make sure the home is protected from the outside when temperatures start to increase and spring sets in. Since we cannot foresee when the new season begins, its important to have the residual protection on the foundation to prevent insects and spiders from getting started early. Each seasonal treatment is necessary; however, the winter treatment is the most important to ensure a pest-free home.