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Coverage Includes:

All bed bugs

Here’s How It Works:

Bed bugs have a two week egg cycle, so a new generation can hatch as frequently as every few weeks. This is why an infestation can happen so quickly after just 1 or 2 bed bugs initially get into your home.

We use a 2-visit treatment plan to permanently get rid of bed bugs in your home:

  • The first treatment kills all adult bed bugs in your home and prevents any additional eggs from being laid.
  • The second treatment kills all new adults that hatched from eggs present during the first treatment.

How We Treat for Bed Bugs

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There are a number of different methods to treat bed bugs. We primarily use a solution treatment that is applied around the bed(s) or in places that bed bugs will have to walk over. Once they cross the solution and are exposed to it, they quickly die.

For bed bugs in nooks and crannies, we sometimes use a dry dust treatment that is able to reach them better than a spray solution.

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