Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home. Guaranteed.

Flea Treatment

Coverage Includes:

All species of household fleas.

Here’s How It Works

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Fleas are normally brought into a home by domestic animals like pet dogs or cats or by feral animals that have taken up residence somewhere in the home (attic, crawlspace, etc.). We use a 2-visit treatment strategy to eliminate fleas and reduce the risk of future flea infestations.

Pet Treatment Required

In order for our treatment to be effective, it is important that any domestic animals with access to your home be treated for fleas and have some sort of flea protection (collar, etc.) on them. Since most fleas are brought into a home by animals, this helps prevent fleas from being reintroduced into your home in the future once the current fleas have been taken care of.

Service 1

Your technician will first make a detailed inspection of your home and the areas in it with flea activity or suspected activity:

  • Since fleas live on blood, they tend to be located around where your pet(s) sleep and frequent in the home.
  • Fleas can also be brought in by feral animals living in the attic, basement, crawlspace or other home areas, so your technician will inspect those areas as well if feral animals are the suspected cause of fleas in the home.
    • After the inspection, the technician will apply a customized treatment to your home to kill active adult fleas. This treatment normally takes care of most flea activity.

      Service 2

      After 14 days a technician will make a second visit to your home to check on progress after the first service and apply additional treatment as needed. This second treatment effectively treats fleas that hatched after the first treatment and helps make sure that any remaining flea activity in your home is removed.

      30 Day Guarantee

      After the second service has been completed, we will back our flea control with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you see any activity during this time, simply give us a call and we can have a technician out to your home at no charge within 1 business day.

      How We Treat For Fleas

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      Kill and/or Remove Active Adult Fleas

      We use an insecticide to effectively target adult fleas and kill them. Many adult fleas can also be removed by simply vacuuming in high-concentration areas like around where pets sleep. In addition to removing many adults, vacuuming also triggers existing flea eggs to hatch. This allows our insecticide to target the newly hatched fleas, since they are protected as long as they remain in their eggs.

      Disrupt their Reproductive Cycle

      We combine our insecticide treatment with a second product that disrupts the flea reproductive cycle and prevents new adult fleas from developing. This effectively ends the flea infestation after the existing adults have been killed or removed.