Get Rid of Mosquitos and/or Ticks in Your Yard. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Coverage Includes:

Mosquitoes, Ticks

Our Satisfaction Guarantee Protects Your Home from Mosquitoes And Ticks All Season Long (from May – October)

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Here’s How It Works:

Initial Visit

Your technician will perform a thorough inspection of your yard to identify pest activity and potential breeding/hiding places in your yard for mosquitoes or ticks. Mosquitoes need standing water to reproduce – even something as small as a bird feeder. Both mosquitoes and ticks like long grass, weeds, etc. to hide in and, for ticks, to climb up so they can latch onto unsuspecting pets or people in your yard.

After the inspection, the technician will put together a custom pest control plan for your property. Any standing water sources or pest hiding places will be noted so you can remove or maintain/monitor them as necessary. The technician will then apply a fogging solution to your yard to kill existing adult pests, plus apply a larvicide in standing water sources to kill existing mosquito larvae.

Monthly Scheduled Treatments for the Rest of Mosquito/Tick Season (May – October)

For the rest of mosquito/tick season, a technician will come to your home once per month to maintain the treatment strategy, make sure it’s continuing to remain effective, and make any treatment adjustments if needed.

  • Any new standing water sources that could be potential breeding grounds will be identified and removed or treated with larvicide.
  • Any new potential hiding places like long grass will be identified so you can remove or maintain/monitor them as necessary.
  • A fogging solution will be sprayed around the home/yard to treat any active adult pests.
  • Existing standing water sources will be treated with larvicide to prevent new mosquito larvae from developing.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will do whatever it takes to reduce your mosquitos and/or ticks. We can generally reduce the population of these pests by 90% or more within just a few weeks. If you get any outbreaks between services, simply let us know and we can have a tech come out for free within 1 business day for treatment.

How We Treat for Mosquitoes and Ticks

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Mosquitoes need standing water in order to reproduce, so effective control involves reducing or eliminating standing water sources, killing existing adults, and killing existing larvae that will become new adults.

Ticks are generally brought into a yard by wild animals. They like to hide in long grass or weeds and then climb up it to latch onto passing animals or people. Effective tick control involves killing existing adults, minimizing or removing any places in your yard ticks could use to hide or climb onto animals/people, and monitoring your yard to make sure wild animal activity is minimized as much as possible.  

Source Reduction

Any standing water source can be a potential place where mosquitoes breed, even water sources as small as a bird feeder. Your technician knows what to look for in identifying potential breeding spots and how to get rid of them completely or make them unusable by mosquitoes.  

Any long grass or weeds can potentially be used by ticks to get onto pets or people in your yard. Your technician can identify any of these areas in  your yard and tell you how to maintain or remove them to prevent them being used by ticks.


Fogging allows us to target adult mosquitoes and ticks around your home and in your yard. The fogging spray will quickly kill adult mosquitos and ticks as well as other biting, flying pests like flies and gnats.


Larvicide allows us to target developing mosquitoes while they are still in their larval stage. Once existing larvae have been killed, standing water sources that can’t be removed can be treated to prevent new larvae from growing.