Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home.

Coverage Includes:

Mice, Rats, Voles

Here’s How Our Rodent Control Service Works:

Get protection ALL YEAR from serious rodent infestations. Most rodent issues can be controlled with quarterly treatments. For extreme infestations, we can perform monthly or bi-monthly services.

Initial Visit

Your technician will perform a thorough inspection of your home and any rodent activity. This inspection will include areas where rodents normally congregate, such as your home’s exterior, attic, basement and kitchen.

The technician will then apply a customized treatment plan to your home for the type and amount of activity you’re experiencing. We use a combination of commercial bait stations, traps and exclusion (blocking entry points) to treat for rodents.

30 Day Follow-Up

After 30 days, a technician will perform a follow-up treatment to review the effectiveness of the first treatment and make any changes based on the results up to that point. This service is the first quarterly visit.

  • This follow-up treatment allows the technician to check the bait stations and restock them if necessary or move them to different locations.
  • If traps are being used as part of your custom rodent control strategy, your technician can check them at this time as well.
  • Finally, if the technician determines that rodents are getting into your home through small cracks, crevices or other openings, they can block them to prevent further incursion (this process is called “exclusion”).

Quarterly Scheduled Treatments for the Rest of the Year

Once per quarter, a technician will come to your home to monitor your rodent control strategy and make any adjustments necessary.

During each visit, your technician will:

  • Check bait stations and refill and/or relocate as necessary.
  • Check traps if they are being used and empty and/or relocate as necessary.
  • Check exterior exclusions (small openings that have been blocked) to make sure they’re still working correctly and rodents haven’t gotten through them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will come out for free as many times as necessary to treat any new mice, rat or vole activity you may see during the year. Just let us know what you’re seeing and we will send out a technician within 1 business day (in most cases).

How We Treat for Rodents

We use several different strategies to control rodents, depending on the type and severity of pest activity you are experiencing.

  • Baiting and trapping are effective in exterminating rodents that are already in and around the home so that the remaining ones move to a safer location somewhere else.
  • Exclusion helps to prevent new rodents from coming into your home.


Commercial bait stations contain a rodenticide that is flavorless so mice and rats cannot taste it. After they take the, bait they die within several days.

Because death often happens outside your home, baiting doesn’t always require dead rodent removal like trapping. Bait stations can hold a large amount of bait so they can quickly exterminate a large number of rodents.


Commercial traps allow us to precisely target rodents in specific parts of your home. Rodents are killed by the traps and then removed at the next service.


Exclusion is the process of closing any small openings in your home that rodents can use to enter it.

After baiting and trapping drive out the existing rodents, exclusion helps to prevent new rodent incursions.

Real Reviews from Our Rodent Control Customers

– Ashland, MA Office Service Area
“Harold May came today. He was pleasant and helpful with my questions. He sprayed around the house and also added pesticide for mice at our request in two outer access rooms. Happy with today’s visit. Will need to wait to see the results.”
Claude P.
– Oakland Charter, MI
“Michael was awesome, nice, really polite, and respectful of the house, the cats, explained us about the pest, and what to expect this time of year, suggested we watch the garage door and keep it shut to avoid mice etc coming in. Mike was really pleasant and helpful . 5 stars to him !”
Dorothy K.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“Technician was knowledgeable, polite and appeared to be throuough . Thank you to Conner ( first contact) who made an effort to fit my very short time frame. Unable to comment on effectiveness of service for a few more weeks. ( i.e.: if the mice are gone).”
Elizabeth M.
– Ferndale, MI
“Inspection was good and we are hopeful that the baitboxes work to get the rats out of our yard.”
Irene R.
– Milford, MI
“Your representative was very professional. He actually did a great job by adding more traps which should have been put in our house from the beginning for mice. He was great! Irene Ralph”
Kerri L.
– Reading, MA
“Matt was great!!!! I am terrified of mice and he explained everything to me and answered all of my crazy questions. He checked every area I asked and didn’t make me feel silly about being so scared. He was awesome!”
LaRie H.
– Milford, MI
“Good job as have had no more issues with mice. Appreciate such professional service and pleasant and knowledgeable technician.”
Lurline and Kenneth U.
– South Hamilton, MA
“very pleased + Harold (the technician was able to find the access where the rodents had entered)”
Mansour W.
– Winchester, MA
“The technician seems knows what he is doing, he is very knowledgeable of Rodent’s tracks above all he is courteous and friendly.
It is too soon to express complete satisfaction of the product.
My satisfaction of the technician is great.”
Mike J.
– Rochester Hills, MI
“Scott came out and was just amazing! First he called me to let me know that he was outside, he didn’t want to knock to loud on the door as he wasn’t sure if my kids were sleeping. I just called for mice and wasps, he inspected the house, sprayed for spiders, laid down some poison for some moles we’ve had. He made sure that our dog doesn’t go in the front yard before laying the poison down. He also made sure that we knew to keep an eye on our kids’ rooms as we have had some wasps get in. He let us know right after he sprayed the nest.

He’s a solid guy who knows his stuff! Scott Z will be my go to guy for sure!

Thanks ProofPest and thank you Scott!”

Nancy R.
– South Lyon, MI
“Mike was so kind, very thorough and dealt with our mice and wasp problem quickly. I particularly liked that he was able to reassure me as to the safety of my kids and my dog during treatment of the home, and even talked about the environmental impact which the company is very careful about. Reasonable pricing, and can highly recommend.”
Patty S.
– Sudbury, MA
“The technician was very friendly and answered all my questions about mice and wasps.”
Radhika B.
– Sharon, MA
“I am satisfied by the follow up visit and review of the outdoors. I will continue to check if the treatments are effective for a three month period against spiders, moths, other insects and outdoor mice.”

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