Rats are mid-sized rodents feared and hated around the world for their infamous survival ability and pest behaviors.

For many people, there are not very many pests more disgusting and disturbing than rats. After all, rats have caused more human suffering and damage than almost any other pest.

Why do so many people hate rats?

Rats destroy nearly 20 percent of the world’s food supply each year, either by eating it or by some form of contamination. Rats are also responsible for the spread of numerous diseases, including the infamous “Black Plague” in the Middle Ages.

The most common found rat in our service areas is the Norway rat. This rat species is also referred to as the brown rat, sewer rat, house rat or wharf rat.

How Rats Get Inside

Rats, like other rodents, are able to compress their bodies in fantastic fashion. An adult rat can squeeze through an opening only 1/2 inch in diameter.

Most homes have multiple gaps and crevices of this size around the ground floor and roofline.

Rat incisor teeth don’t ever stop growing, so they are always gnawing to keep them worn down. If they stopped, their teeth would eventually grow all the way around in a spiral and the rat could no longer chew or eat!

Rats are also chewing professionals, and are constantly gnawing on things since their teeth don’t stop growing. Their teeth are so hard, it’s common for them to chew through cinder block, wood, aluminum, brick, and even lead pipes.

What proof. Professionals Do To Get Rid Of Rats

Rats are social animals and  live in groups. Eliminating one rat will not solve a rat infestation problem; it’s essential to control the rat population as a whole:

  • We offer a dedicated Rodent Control plan that is customizable to treat an existing rat infestation or provide ongoing protection against future infestations.

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