A Vole is a small rodent similar to a mouse but with a hairy short tail, a slightly rounder head, much smaller eyes and smaller ears. They are also referred to as “Meadow Mice” or “Field Mice.”

Most Vole Activity is Outside

In Metro-Detroit, homeowners will find voles making small holes and tunneling systems through their mulch during the warmer months and runs underneath the snowfall in the grass during the winter months. Since there are more that 150 different species of voles, you may see them in many different shades of color; from light grey to brown to almost black.

Voles will eat almost anything if they are hungry enough, but are mostly vegetarian. They like to nibble on the roots of different plants in the landscaping around homes and also vegetables in the garden. They can thrive off of any nut or fruit. Flower bulbs also are a target. Voles multiply fast and a small problem can escalate quickly.

How Voles Get Inside

Voles pose little threat of getting inside your home. When they do get inside, it is typically by accident and they don’t survive long. Often times Voles in Michigan and Boston are seen stuck in window wells, or in the garage. While trying to get out of the window wells, they may end up working their way in. Most of the time, voles will cause damage to the window screens as they attempt to get out of the well.

What proof. Professionals Do To Get Rid Of Voles

Voles are included in our Quarterly Pest Control Service, which is our seasonal service that covers 30+ bugs and rodents like mice and voles.

Voles are a challenging pest to treat because of their potentially large numbers and fast reproductive cycles. Regular service is generally necessary to keep them at bay. Treating for voles is also tricky because they avoid Rodent Stations that protect the bait from non-target animals. Successful baiting for voles usually requires spot baiting at the entry points of their active runs. For homeowners with pets, safety becomes an issue because it’s difficult to protect the bait from dogs and animals.┬áPlease call us today and speak with our office staff to schedule an inspection so we can evaluate the treatment and result potential.


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