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Termites are most active in the spring as this is when they reproduce. They feed on the cellulose found in wood and they can do significant damage in large numbers!

We often find termites in older homes that are constructed mostly from wood, especially those with wood siding. Some termites can even fly, helping them spread to neighboring homes and evade extermination. Fortunately, the experts here at proof. are equipped to handle these wood-destroying menaces!



Earwigs love damp areas, which are often hard to come by out here in the desert. In Gilbert, they are common in areas with water features, like The Islands and Val Vista Lakes neighborhoods.

Particularly in the summer, when the climate is at its driest, earwigs will try to migrate indoors. Once inside, they’ll hide out in bathrooms, basements, kitchens and other damp areas. We’ll help you get them out and keep them out!

House spider

Other Pests

Homeowners and businesses throughout Gilbert also have to contend with cockroaches, spiders, scorpions and a variety of other common pests.

Our team can handle your pest problems and stop them from coming back. It all starts with a free quote right over the phone to evaluate the pest activity on your property.

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Jane H.
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About Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert is located to the southeast of Phoenix and is considered part of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

More than 240,000 residents live in the area, and it is popular for its upscale neighborhoods and easy access to outdoor activities.

The climate is hot and dry throughout much of the year, leading the area’s pests to seek safety inside homes throughout the city. If pests are starting to take over your Gilbert home, give us a call today for your free Gilbert pest control quote!