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Any region with a warm temperate climate and dark, damp areas for hiding is ideal for earwigs.

They usually stay hidden during the day, preferring to remain in dark, moist places like your basement, kitchen, or bathroom. They feed on plants and other arthropods like fleas and mites during the evening. Earwigs prefer to stay out of the heat and sun, often searching for indoor refuge when temperatures rise.

That makes them a big threat to homes in the sunny areas of Queen Creek. Earwigs tend to be the most prevalent in homes in the northern area of town along eastern Queen Creek Road.



Termites thrive on wood, often causing damage to a home’s foundation, frame and even sheetrock (they eat the paper)! They often stay out of sight until they’ve become established and done significant damage. They like warm weather, making Queen Creek a paradise for these pesky pests! They like old and new wood equally well, making them a problem in every area of the city.

German cockroach

Other Pests

Queen Creek is also home to several other common pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, and more.

Some pests pose a threat to your home or business structures while most also pose a health risk to you and your family. Don’t let your pest problem get any worse than it already is. Give us a call for a free consultation and price quote – and stop your Queen Creek pests before they do any more damage!

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About Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek is a historic town with a strong sense of community.

Queen Creek is located about 38 miles outside of Phoenix where its residents share a small town spirit in spite of its high growth. It sits primarily in Maricopa County with some areas overlapping into Pinal County.

Queen Creek residents enjoy 330 days of sunshine each year on average. The warm, sunny weather makes it ideal for all types of activities from golfing to hiking year-round.

While the atmosphere makes it an ideal place for families, Queen Creek also sees more than its fair share of pest activity. Give us a call today for a custom, Queen Creek pest control quote!