Green Pest Control in Castle Pines and Surrounding Areas

For pest control services in Castle Pines, CO, and across the state, increasing numbers of people are looking to Proof. The team here at Proof. is made up of specialists, experts, and committed pest control personnel, all of whom are serious about the job they do.

This is what makes it possible for our team to provide customers with a comprehensive guarantee of our work. If you notice pests at your property between our scheduled service dates, we will come to you, free of charge, and put the problem right.

Let’s take a closer look at what we can provide.

One of the most commonly used plans for pest control in Castle Pines, CO is the Pest Free Guarantee. We will come to you at three month intervals, with an additional visit thirty days after the first, to check that the treatments have been effective and to fine tune our methods if necessary.

The plan is designed to eradicate more than 30 of the most common pests across Castle Pines. These include carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, mice, fleas and more. All of our services are covered by a watertight guarantee, and are carried out using the greenest, most environmentally responsible means and methods.

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Common Pests We Treat for in Castle Pines, CO

Insects & Mice ( Year Round Seasonal Plan)

Some of the most common pest infestations in Castle Pines, CO involve insects or mice.

Fortunately, the Pest Free Guarantee service from Proof. is designed specifically for this issue. We can erradicate infestations from over thirty of the most common local pests, including carpenter ants, moths, wasps and mice, as well as spiders, centipedes, and more.

All of our work is guaranteed as green and environmentally sustainable, without compromising on efficacy, giving you the unique peace of mind which comes from knowing that everything is being taken care of.

This plan involves visits to your property every three months to ensure a pest-free space on an ongoing basis. We also schedule a follow-up visit, thirty days following the initial visit, to ensure that our treatments have had the desired effect. Give us a call today to learn more!

Bed Bugs (2 Treatment Plan)

A bed bug infestation is a miserable situation, and they can be very difficult to get rid of. If you’re trying to get rid of bed bugs in Castle Pines, we have the remedy! We offer a two-step treatment plan designed to stop infestations of bed bugs in their tracks.

We visit your property twice, providing first a treatment for the adult bed bugs, and, 14 days later, a treatment to eradicate any new bed bugs that have hatched after the first treatment. We also include a full thirty-day guarantee with this service to make sure we have gotten rid of the problem.

Fleas (2 Treatment Plan)

Fleas are a common problem for homeowners with animals or easy access to their property for wild animals.

The Proof. two-treatment plan puts this right in only 14 days. Our first treatment kills off the adult fleas, while the second treatment two weeks later takes care of any newly-hatched ones.

Our flea control service includes a thirty-day guarantee for maximum peace of mind.

Get in touch with the Proof. team today to get rid of your pests and fully enjoy your Castle Pines home!