Green Pest Control in Centennial, CO and Surrounding Areas

No one wants to suffer a pest infestation at their home or business property, but when the worst happens you need an expert response. This is where the Proof. team comes in!

Proof. provides effective, reliable, and environmentally responsible pest control services in Centennial, CO. Utilizing a combination of organic and high-quality synthetic pest control treatments, Proof. is rapidly becoming the first choice for getting rid of pests in Centennial and across Colorado.

The most popular plan we offer is called our Pest Free Guarantee. With this plan, we provide a service every three months, to ensure that your property is pest-free and stays that way. In addition to this, we offer a follow-up session 30 days after the initial treatment, so that we can make sure the treatment is working properly and your pest issues are under control.

We are serious about the “Guarantee” in this plan! If you spot a pest at your property between our scheduled services, just call or email us and we will send a technician right out to take care of any issues free of charge.

Our treatments cover all of the most common pests in the Centennial region, whether your property is infested with wasps, carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, or even small rodents like mice. Most of these pests are covered under our Pest Free Guarantee plan, and we also offer dedicated services for pests that require specific treatment like bed bugs or fleas.

Common Pests We Treat for in Centennial, Colorado

Insects & Mice (Year-Round Seasonal Plan)

No two infestations are the same, but some pests are definitely more common than others. Most pest issues in Colorado involve insects and spiders or small rodents such as mice.

Fortunately, Proof. provides pest control services in Centennial to get rid of these intruders. From carpenter ants or wasps, all the way to mice, all these common pests are covered under our popular Pest Free Guarantee service plan. In this plan, we visit your property every three months and apply our highly-effective but environmentally friendly treatment, ensuring you stay pest-free, all year round.

In total, over 30 of the most common Colorado pests are covered under this plan.

Bed Bugs (2 Treatment Plan)

Small, insignificant, but incredibly irritating and misery-causing when an infestation occurs, bed bug outbreaks have actually been on the increase in Colorado over the past ten years. If this happens in your home, you need the best solution. You need Proof!

Proof. provides a two treatment plan aimed at eradicating bed bugs once and for all. The first treatment takes aim at the adult bed bugs, wiping them out. Then the second treatment, implemented two weeks later, gets ride of the new juveniles which were still unhatched eggs during the first treatment.

More and more people are choosing Proof. to provide effective bed bug and pest control services in Centennial, CO. Give us a call today and we’ll tell you all about it!

Fleas (2 Treatment Plan)

If you have animals on your property (either pets or easy access for wild animals) then a flea outbreak is a real possibility. These little creatures can cause havoc if left unchecked, which is where our flea control service comes in.

Our sustainable and effective flea control services in Centennial involves two treatments, two weeks apart. The first gets rid of the adult fleas at your Centennial home, while the second eliminates any of the new fleas that hatch after the first treatment.

If you’d like to learn more or you’re ready to get started with our green, reliable and efficient pest control services, get in touch with the Proof. team today!