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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Centennial


There are several wasp species that are common in Centennial, particularly near its many open areas such as Willow Spring Open Space.

These include paper wasps, bald-faced hornets and yellow jackets. These wasps can sting multiple times, unlike honey bees, and they are all aggressive, especially bald-faced hornets and yellow jackets.

Wasps like residential neighborhoods for the wide variety of potential nest locations they provide. If these pests choose your home or yard to build their nest, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to take them out for you!


Homeowners in Centennial, especially those living near parks like Centennial Center Park, often find black widows, wolf spiders and house spiders in and around their properties.

While black widows aren’t typically harmful to healthy adults, their bites can be quite painful and potentially dangerous for children or the elderly.

Minimizing clutter in your yard and especially right around your home’s exterior can be a great help in keeping spiders from taking over. We cover black widows and all other spiders, plus more than 30 other Colorado pests, on our popular, year-round Pest Free Guarantee™ service.

Other Pests

Mice, rats and other rodents are also common in Centennial, as are cockroaches, ants and bed bugs.

The experts at proof. can help you with all of these pests and more, so don’t be shy about getting in touch with us for all your pest control needs in Centennial!

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About Centennial, CO

Centennial is a suburb of Denver located to the southeast of the city.

Local residents love Centennial for its close proximity to a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and skiing in the nearby Rocky Mountains.

This part of the country is known for its beautiful foliage and outdoor spaces. However, this also tends to attract pests. If you’re seeing pests in your Centennial home or business, give us a call today for a free Centennial pest control quote!

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