Green Pest Control for the Greater Denver Area

Are you tired of dealing with pests on your own and never actually getting rid of them? Tried another company and they didn’t deliver like they said they would? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Proof. is a green pest control company serving Denver and many of the surrounding communities such as Parker and Sheridan. We believe in and practice responsible pest control. In fact, we are one of just a few companies in our service areas to offer organic treatment options!

Our Services

There are 2 main kinds of services we offer:

1. Services targeting a specific pest such as bed bugs or fleas

These generally take 2 visits performed over 2 weeks to complete and include a 30 day guarantee.

2. Our Pest Free Guarantee service, designed to protect your home year-round

This plan includes 4 visits per year, plus 1 visit 30 days after the first treatment to make sure we solve all your initial pest problems. We back this with a full 100% guarantee – if you see pest activity at any time between scheduled treatments we can have a technician out to treat in a day or two, at no cost to you!

Pest Problems We Solve in the Denver Area

Common pests like insects, spiders & mice are all covered in our year-round Pest Free Guarantee plan

The majority of our customers are on our Pest Free Guarantee plan, which includes coverage all year for these common pests.

  • Insects and spiders are treated using a repellant solution that forms a barrier around your home they do not want to pass.
  • Mice are generally treated using professional bait stations. In some cases, we may also use traps.

We call this service our Pest Free Guarantee because it covers your home all year. Included in this plan are 4 quarterly services, and a 30 day follow-up service after the first one to review progress and ensure treatment is working properly.

See pest activity from any of the 30+ pests covered by this plan during the year? Give us a call or email and we’ll get a technician out to treat it within a day or two at no charge.

Specialty Pests: Rats, Roaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Ticks

Specialty pests require targeted treatment based on their unique characteristics. For example, bed bugs require treating around sleeping areas, while mosquitoes and ticks require treating your yard during the summer months.

In general, our specialty services involve 2 treatments that break the reproductive cycle within several weeks and are backed by our 100% guarantee.

However, rats and mosquitoes/ticks are persistent pests and require ongoing treatment:

  • We treat rats with a bi-monthly (every 2 months) service where we set out a series of professional bait stations outdoors in areas they frequent and then monitor the bait stations to make sure they are working correctly to control and eliminate the rats.
  • We treat mosquitoes and ticks using a solution applied to tall grass and vegetation where they congregate. We also use larvicide in any areas with standing water to get rid of mosquito larvae before they hatch.

We would love to speak with you about any pest issues you’re experiencing and explain how we can take care of them for you. Call today to get started, or fill out the quote form beneath if you’d prefer us to call you!