Green Pest Control in Lone Tree, CO and Surrounding Areas

Whether you are in Lone Tree or anywhere in Colorado, you need the very best quality pest control and extermination services. This is why increasing numbers of customers are turning to Proof. and our reliable, local pest solutions.

What makes us such a popular choice for pest control in Lone Tree, CO is a combination of our green approach and our quality of service. We use only the most environmentally sound, eco-responsible methods and materials when we deal with pests, and we never compromise on the results we achieve.

One of the most popular plans we offer is the Pest Free Guarantee. This gives our customers a service every three months, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything is being taken care of. We also include a follow-up service thirty days after our initial visit, to check that everything is going as planned.

This is one of the most comprehensive pest control services available in Lone Tree, CO. The treatment is designed to combat infestations of more than thirty of the most common local pests, including carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, mice, bed bugs, wasps and many others.

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Common Pests We Treat for in Lone Tree, CO

Insects & Mice (Year-Round Seasonal Plan)

It is difficult to say what kind of form a pest infestation might take, but some of the most common pest control services we offer in Lone Tree, Colorado involve insects and mice.

For this, we have developed our Pest Free Guarantee plan. This is a year-round plan which is designed to take care of some of the most common pests in the local area, including most insect and small rodent infestations.

Whether you have wasps, boxelder bugs, ants or another insect infestation, or a rodent infestation such as mice, our treatment and service will take care of this for you. The plan also covers others pests, such as spiders, centipedes and moths.

We are serious about the guarantee we provide. As well as top-notch service and a genuine commitment to sustainability and responsibility, we take great pride in the results we can achieve for you. This is why, if you discover a pest at your home between our scheduled service times, we will come to you to put it right – free of charge.

Bed Bugs (2 Treatment Plan)

There are many reasons why our customers call out Proof. for pest control services in Lone Tree, CO, but an increasingly common one is bed bugs. Although small and inconspicuous, these pests can cause untold misery if they are left to their own devices.

Our two-step program makes sure that this is not the case at your property. We apply two treatments over the course of two weeks. The first eliminates the adult pests, while the second takes care of newly hatched bed bugs that hatch after the first treatment. All of this is covered by our 30-day guarantee.

Fleas (2 Treatment Plan)

More and more customers are calling on Proof. to get rid of fleas in Lone Pine, CO and beyond. Our two step process is highly effective, and is administered over two weeks. We begin by treating your property, killing all adult fleas. After two weeks, we return with another treatment to eliminate any fleas that have hatched after the first treatment.

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