Green Pest Control in Sheridan, CO, and Surrounding Areas

No one should have to put up with a pest infestation at their home or their business property. At Proof., we make sure that you don’t have to. We provide local pest control services to clients in the Sheridan, CO area. Our commitment is to comprehensive and effective pest control that our customers can rely upon.

Customers choose us because we are serious about green and environmentally sound practices. We even have organic options available for customers who prefer non-chemical treatment! However, this does not mean we compromise on effectiveness, and this commitment to efficacy and efficiency is reflected in the strong guarantee we offer with every service.

We provide pest control and extermination services for all of Sheridan’s most common pests and infestations. This includes spiders, mice, ants and more. As a local pest control company, taking care of our clients and our local community is important to us. This is why we offer a variety of different plans, from 1 or 2-time services to annual services for total, year-round protection.

Common Pests We Treat for in Sheridan, CO

Insects & Mice (Year-Round Seasonal Plan)

We provide pest control solutions to many clients in Sheridan, CO, and for many different reasons. However, perhaps the most common causes of the infestations we treat for our customers are insects, spiders and mice.

To combat this, we offer a unique pest control plan called our Pest Free Guarantee, which covers over thirty of the most common insects and spiders in Sheridan. This includes ants, wasps and moths, as well as other bugs such as black widow spiders and centipedes.

In addition, we know that small rodents (mainly mice) are a common problem to homes and businesses in the area, so we also include coverage for mice in this plan as well.

The great thing about our Pest Free Guarantee is that it offers protection against all these pests for the entire year! We will visit your property for our scheduled inspection and service once every three months. We also include a thirty-day follow-up visit after the first treatment, to make sure we start off on the right foot and your property stays pest free.

If you see any pests at your property between scheduled services, we will come to you to put it right, free of charge. This is our commitment to you.

Bed Bugs (2 Treatment Plan)

Over the last ten years, bed bug infestations have become increasingly common in Sheridan (and throughout the whole country). This is why bed bug treatments are now some of the most common pest control services.

For our bed bug control service in Sheridan, we will come to your property twice, at two-week intervals. The first treatment will eradicate the adults, while the second will wipe out any young bed bugs which have emerged since the first treatment. All of this is covered by our comprehensive thirty-day warranty.

Fleas (2 Treatment Plan)

If you have experienced a flea outbreak in your home or at your business premises, you will know it is no joke. You will also know that it is not easy to get rid of the infestation once it starts growing.

Proof. offers flea control services in Sheridan, CO which are specifically designed to deal with this problem. In two treatments, we will eliminate first the adult fleas, and then any young fleas which survived the first session. And, of course, all of this is covered by our thirty-day guarantee.

Get in touch with our team today to get started with a pest control plan for your home in Sheridan!