Green Pest Control Solutions for Thornton, CO and Nearby Areas

We provide comprehensive and reliable pest control services in Thornton, CO and surrounding areas.

One of the major reasons customers choose Proof. is our commitment to utilizing green methods and materials where possible, safeguarding the future of our planet and the health of our environment. Yet another reason is the excellent guarantee we offer to all of our customers. Finally, we offer a wide range of different plans to our customers, each designed to reflect the diversity of their needs.

Perhaps our most popular plan is the Pest Free Guarantee, which provides comprehensive, long-term pest relief, including a pest inspection and extermination service every three months. This plan also includes a follow-up service thirty days after the initial one to ensure the effectiveness of our treatment. This helps us to guarantee a comfortable, safe and pest-free property for you, your family, or your business.

Pests we treat in the Thornton area include carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, bed bugs, mice and rodents, and more. Get in touch today or read more to find out more about our commitment to responsible, effective, pest control in Thornton, CO.

Common Pests We Treat for in Thornton, CO

Insects & Mice (All Year Round Seasonal Plan)

Infestations involving insects or rodents are some of the most common in the Thornton area, which is why the team at Proof. provides a comprehensive and highly effective plan called our Pest Free Guarantee for combating these problem pests. This plan involves year-round pest control, giving you the peace of mind which comes from knowing we are only a call away when you need us.

This is one of the most common pest control plans we offer in Thornton, CO, and it is effective in ridding your property of a wide variety of common insects, including tricky ant and wasp infestations, as well as rodents such as mice. Other pests, such as moths, centipedes, and spiders, are also covered under the plan.

Infestations like these can be highly damaging and very expensive to put right. With our comprehensive service, you won’t have to worry. We will come out to meet you whenever you need us. All it takes is one phone call and you can connect with high-quality pest control services in Thornton, CO.

This plan includes 5 services the first year (1 service per quarter, plus 1 service 30 days after the initial service to make sure your pest issues are resolved right away). If you find evidence of any pests in between our regular services, we will come to you immediately, free of charge. This is our commitment to keeping you and your property pest free.

Bed Bugs (2 Treatment Plan)

Unfortunately, instances of bed bug infestations are growing in the Thornton area. There are many factors which cause these infestations, but once they occur, the bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of.

Our bed bug treatment plan provides a vital solution to our clients in Thornton. We will visit your property twice, applying two treatments over a two-week period. The first treatment is designed to kill the adult bed bugs, while the second ensures that any new hatchlings are eradicated. The treatment plan is backed by our 30-day guarantee.

Fleas (2 Treatment Plan)

Fleas can be a problem in properties in Thornton, CO, particularly if you live or work with animals. Happily, our two treatment plan offers a great solution for you to get rid of fleas.

We visit your property twice over two weeks, utilizing our liquid solution to first eradicate the adult fleas, and then any hatchlings which may have survived the initial treatment. The full plan is covered by a comprehensive thirty-day guarantee.

Ready to have us take care of any pest problems in your Thornton home? Get in touch with our team and book your pest control service today! We are available by phone for immediate help, or you can also fill out the form below and we’ll call you back.