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Acton Geography and Pests

Acton Welcome SignSituated about 45 minutes northwest of Boston, Acton, Massachusetts owes its geography to retreating glaciers that went through the area thousands of years ago. As these glaciers retreated, they left behind them a collection of glacial till hills and ponds making up about 20 square miles.

The residential and commercial parts of Acton are laid out in a very logical geographic order. The main commercial center is called Acton Center. Unsurprisingly, this town hub lies in the geographic center of the city. Radiating outward from this are the four other village centers: West Acton, North Acton, East Acton and South Acton.

Most of Acton’s territory, however, is forested and undeveloped. The forests add a charming atmosphere to the community, however, they also bring with them the usual assortment of forest-related pests. Acton residents should be on the lookout for wood-loving pests making their way into homes. Particularly during the winter months, watch out for things like acrobat ants, which make their way into rotted wood and can produce an unpleasant odor. Another problem might be carpenter bees, which like to make their nests in old wood. These ones can be especially problematic because they prefer to return to the same spot year after year! When you find that carpenter bees have set up camp in your home, it may be the right time to involve an expert Acton exterminator like proof.

While most of Acton is forested, there are also a few key stream systems. The Nashoba Brook system and the Fort Pond Brook system both meander through Acton. As they meander, they also bring with them other pests as well. In particular, places where the streams tend to sit will be sources of mosquito breeding! If your home is anywhere close to a water source like this, chances are high that many outdoor activities will be ruined by a cloud of mosquitoes. Call our Acton exterminator team today and we can quickly bring things under control.

Acton History and Pests

Acton has an incredibly long history. Evidence of human settlement in Acton goes back 7000 years! In fact, a Native American archaeological site recently discovered in Acton, the Pine Hawk site, is thought to be one of the oldest archaeological sites in New England! However, the arrival of European settlers proved to be devastating for these communities. Ultimately, an epidemic swept through the area in 1615, killing 90% of the native communities.

During the Colonial period, Acton was initially used as a grazing area for the livestock in nearby communities. Acton was first settled residentially by the colonialists in 1639. It finally achieved its own independent status in 1735.

As tensions began to mount between American colonialists and their government back in the United Kingdom, Acton residents were ready to stand up against their unfair treatment. On October 3, 1774, residents gathered together to create a list of grievances against the British government, which they then sent to King George III. This day is still celebrated in Acton as “Resistance Day”.

The British might not be the only thing residents wanted to get rid of in Acton. This area is prone to a variety of household pests. For example, Acton residents might have issues with wood roaches in their homes. Yet another example of a wood-loving pest, wood roaches are often brought into the home during the winter months as residents move firewood inside.

Residents may also have problems with boxelder bugs in their homes. These small pests may only be about half an inch long, but they can pose a significantly larger problem! Boxelder bugs tend to remain in large communities. So when you have one, you probably have dozens or even hundreds more! But there is a solution! If boxelder bugs or any other local Acton pest takes over your home, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate to get rid of your pests.