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Proof Pest & Mosquito Control

5.0 out of 5 stars
- October 30, 2017

Employees are very friendly and your product seems to be working


5.0 out of 5 stars
- October 25, 2017

Love proof. Have no problems and no bugs. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable and accomadating.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- October 24, 2017

Thomas is the most professional, accommodating and knowledgeable about the work he dioes. He strives to make his clients happy. He's an asset to the company, Susan Rosen


4.0 out of 5 stars
- October 23, 2017

Service technician was on time, friendly and quick and gave me some tips on pest control. He also was friendly to my dog which reduced the barking in the kennel. A positive experience.


4.0 out of 5 stars
- October 13, 2017

The gentleman was clean and smiling. Very informative on how the products work and letting me know about keeping pests out.


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Ashland Geography and Pests

Ashland Welcome SignAshland, Massachusetts is located in Middlesex County, about 22 miles west of Boston. It is 12.9 square miles in area, of which half a square mile is water. The town includes Warren Woods, Ashland Town Forest, Ashland State Park, and part of Hopkinton State Park.

Ashland enjoys the variable, four season climate that New England is famous for. In the summer, mosquitos can be a nuisance, and a danger since they can carry deadly diseases. As a local Ashland pest control company with plenty of experience getting rid of these unwelcome residents, we can help control the mosquito population around your home, letting you enjoy outdoor activities without worry.

As the New England days get cooler in the fall, many Ashland homeowners find that mice have squeezed into their homes through tiny openings. They don’t like to leave once they’ve arrived, and they reproduce quickly. Get in touch with us if you’re worried about mice and you’ll have a professional Ashland exterminator to help you get rid of your mice problem, and to make sure they don’t come back.

Ashland History and Pests

Ashland was settled by Europeans in the early 1700s, having previously been inhabited by the Megunko Native Americans. It was known as Unionville before it was incorporated in 1846. Development began in the town with the construction of the Boston & Worcester Railroad in the 1930s. This railroad, along with two others which opened later along the Sudbury River, spurred development of shoe and boot mills.

Around the time that the rail lines were displaced by automobiles and the shoe mills began to see a decline in demand in the early 20th century, Henry Warren developed the Warren Synchronizing Timer, which kept electric clocks synchronized. Warren founded Telechron. The company partnered with General Electric to make electric clocks in Ashland.

After World War II, Ashland experienced a population boom, similar to what was seen in other towns that were within commuting distance of large cities. The town is now primarily a suburb, although some undeveloped land still exists.

Both antique homes and new construction in the region can attract carpenter ants. These big, black ants are often found near wooden decks and patios. They can also get into your home, where you’ll see them in bathrooms and kitchens.

Another common Ashland-area pest is the boxelder bug. These bugs can swarm your home in large numbers. They disappear quickly but then often reappear. They are very strong and can force their way into your home through your window seals. Look for the tell-tale red and yellow markings and the red stain they leave when they are squished, and you know you’ve got a boxelder problem.

We are a local Ashland exterminator that can help you with these and other related issues. We have experience with mosquitos, mice, carpenter ants, boxelder bugs and more local pests, and we can dispatch an expert to your home or place of business within one business day.