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Bedford Geography and Pests

Bedford Entering SignBedford, Massachusetts is located in Middlesex County, 15 miles northwest of Boston. The town is comprised of 13.7 square miles of land and 0.1 square miles of water. The town is bordered in part by the Concord River and the Shawsheen River flows through it.

The rivers attract mosquitos, which need water to breed. These unpopular insects can also use water in birdbaths or even puddles on the ground. Mosquitos, which used to be considered just a nuisance, can carry deadly diseases. As a Bedford pest control company, we can rid your yard and home of mosquitos so you can enjoy outdoor activities again.

Another common pest in Bedford is the mouse, which can squeeze into your home through the smallest of openings. Once they get inside, they can reproduce quickly and they don’t want to leave! Don’t worry. If you spot one, we can quickly take care of your problem.

Bedford History and Pests

In 1637, the first Governor of Massachusetts, John Winthrop, and his Deputy Governor, Thomas Dudley were granted 2,200 acres in what is now Bedford. A year later, they divided the land, using two large boulders as the point of demarcation. Later, Dudley’s son married Winthrop’s daughter, and the rocks that had divided the land were named Brothers Rocks. Bedford was incorporated in 1729, having previously shared areas with nearby Concord and Billerica.

The Bedford flag, on display at the Bedford Free Public Library, is thought to be the oldest surviving intact battle flag in the United States. It was flown during the revolutionary war and is believed to be the first flag carried to the Old North Bridge for the Battle of Concord in April 1775.

Both antique homes and new construction in Bedford can attract carpenter ants. These big, black ants like to chew on damp or aged wood. They can get inside your home quite easily and are often seen in bathrooms and kitchens. As an experienced Bedford exterminator, we can rid your home of these pests.

Boxelder bugs are another common pest in this area. Identifiable by their yellow and red markings, they leave an unsightly red stain when they are squished. The can swarm your home in large numbers. They then disappear, leaving you thinking the problem is solved, but then reappear shortly thereafter.

As a local Bedford pest control company, we have extensive experience with the best ways to eliminate mosquitos, mice, carpenter ants, and boxelder bugs. We can have an expert technician dispatched to your home or place of business within one business day.

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