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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Bedford


Anywhere you have standing water, like ponds or marshes, you’ll find mosquitoes. They are also attracted to birdbaths, swimming pools and even puddles on the ground!

Aside from leaving you with itchy bites, mosquitoes can often carry diseases, making them not just annoying, but also potentially dangerous.

Mosquitoes are especially common if you have any water features in your yard or if you live near Bedford’s rivers or other water features.

Carpenter Ants

New England towns like Bedford are known for their stunning antique architecture, but these older wooden homes are prime breeding grounds for carpenter ants.

Although they prefer damp or aged wood, they’ll settle in just fine in newer homes as well.

Carpenter ants are especially common in the kitchen and bathrooms, especially if you live near a forest like the Hartwell Town Forest or Carlson Conservation Area, among others.

Other Pests

As in just about any town across the country, you’ll find mice in homes throughout Bedford. These little critters can reproduce incredibly quickly once they get inside and set up home!

Boxelder bugs are also common in the area, especially near the woods. Just when you think they are gone, they’ll surprise you by coming back again.

For help with these common pests and any others you might find problematic, call proof. for assistance today! We can get rid of the pests for you and prevent them from returning again in the future.

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elaine b.
– Winchester, MA
“David Casali (technician) was great. professional and knowledgeable. His treatment of our house thorough. Since this is our first time, I can’t yet on the effectiveness of the treatment.”
Isilda F.
– Billerica, MA
“So far it’s been fine. The technician, Matthew Knoblich, was very nice and knowledgeable and we would prefer to keep the same person for future appointments. Thank you. Isilda F.”
Jennifer M.
– Winchester, MA
Jerome M.
– Winchester, MA
“The technician seemed to be very competent. He was also polite and nice in general.”
Matt P.
– Carlisle, MA
“Excellent!!! Rad explained everything to me and was very professional along with the tech who sprayed my yard.”
Rafael C.
– Winchester, MA
“Professional, came on time.
Sales guy (door to door) explained the process well. The application guy came in time and completed his work quickly.”
Scott C.
– Billerica, MA
“Both the sales guy and guy applying the fog sprqy were both very personable and good to talk too”

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About Bedford, MA

Bedford is situated about 15 miles northwest of Boston. The Concord River borders the northwest part of the town and the Shawsheen River flows through much of the region.

These rivers make the area a haven for wildlife and provide plenty of opportunities for local residents to enjoy the outdoors. However, they can also be a hotbed for pest activity.

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