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Dai C.-Massachusetts
– May 13, 2017
I would highly recommend Bob Hutchinson and Steven Raymond. They are very professional and efficient. I had a couple of times urgent situations and both time they responded quickly and dealt them effectively.


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Berlin Geography and Pests

Berlin Town HallBerlin lies in the heart of central Massachusetts. Just west of Interstate 495, this agricultural community sits tucked in the hills which surround the Nashua River and the Assabet River. It covers thirteen square miles of land and has a relatively low elevation of only 300 feet above sea level.

Due to the meandering nature of the nearby rivers, Berlin has a gently rolling terrain and is often lush and green. It is located in the humid continental climate of the United States, which means that its experiences four vibrant seasons. Summers are likely to be humid and reach high temperatures. Winters, on the other hand, are also wet and can be very cold. The fall in Berlin is especially beautiful as the variety of Massachusetts deciduous trees change to an array of stunning fall colors.

Unfortunately, along with beautiful foliage, fall and winter in Berlin can also bring unwanted household pests. As the weather begins to cool, residents may find that their homes are hosting undesirable guests, such as wood roaches or spiders. Wood roaches in particular like to make their homes in and around wood. They may come in to your home as you bring in your firewood. If you begin to notice an issue with pests in your home, simply get in touch with us so that we can send our Berlin exterminator to resolve the issue right away.

Berlin History and Pests

The area around Berlin, Massachusetts has been inhabited for many generations. However, while much of the surrounding area has original ties to Native American settlements, there is no real knowledge of such permanent settlements in the Berlin area. The city’s modern history began in 1655 when it was first discovered by European settlers. Families came to this area in search of good land for agricultural uses.

It wasn’t until 1812, however, that Berlin was finally incorporated. At this time, Berlin became increasingly involved in other industries. Like many other area towns, Berlin entered the shoe manufacturing game during the mid 19th century. However, ultimately, Berlin recognized its strength in mostly agricultural endeavors and focused on becoming a powerful name in the production of such goods as eggs and asparagus.

There are a few other things produced in Berlin as well, unfortunately. Household pests are common in Berlin, like other places, and some of them produce quiet rapidly. For example, mice may enter your home and, once in, they are likely to multiply very quickly. In these cases, it is best to contact our trusted Berlin pest control specialist immediately. Believe us, you don’t want to let these pests get out of control.

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