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Boylston Geography and Pests

Boylston Entering SignOn the banks of the Wachusett Reservoir is the city of Boylston, Massachusetts, a mostly residential, quaint town. It occupies nearly twenty square miles, with sixteen square miles being land. It enjoys a low population density and plenty of nature to explore.

The Wachusett Reservoir fills about seven square miles and holds roughly 65 billion gallons of water. The conditions in this reservoir are ideal for many fish and it holds records for some kinds of trout, salmon, bass and perch. However, fishing is generally discouraged and often forbidden, as this water is protected in order to maintain its quality as drinking water.

Much of the land in Boylston is open and undeveloped. The population is only 220 people for every square mile, so there is plenty of space. The areas which are developed are mostly residential with some commercial properties.

Of course, Boylston has its fair share of problems, including household pests. Residents here, like many other places, may find themselves with a pest issue. For example, they may discover that families of mice have moved into their home. Mice can enter through even the smallest openings. Once in your home, they are likely to reproduce very quickly. When this happens, get in touch with us and we will send our Boylston pest control specialist immediately.

Boylston History and Pests

Like most places in this area, Boylston’s history actually goes back many hundreds of years. However, its modern history begins in the later 17th century or early 18th century when it was settled by early European settlers. It was later incorporated in 1786 and named after Ward Nicholas Boylston. Mr Boylston had been a generous founding father in the community and many town buildings owe their construction to his initiatives.

Boylston was largely an agricultural community for much of its early history. Today however, the area is mostly residential. And in fact, Boylston is home to a few unwanted residents as well. Boylstonians may discover that their home is also hosting families of pests. For example, during the summer months, residents may find that bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets have built their nests in or around their homes. These stinging pests may build in trees above your yard but they may also build hives under the eaves of your home or on your porch. If provoked, many stinging insects can turn aggressive, leading to serious health risks and injuries. Before this happens, if you notice an issue with stinging pests on your property, give us a call so that we can send our Boylston exterminator immediately.

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