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Amanda G.-Massachusetts
– April 12, 2017
It was very quick and pain free. Steven was extremely pleasant to work with, as well as very knowledgeable about both the problem and the process. I can’t wait to see the results and I look forward to working with them in the future.


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Burlington Geography and Pests

Burlington Town Hall SignA mere 12 miles northwest of Boston, Burlington is a quaint Massachusetts town. Relatively low land, the highest point in this area, Greenleaf Mountain, is still only 290 feet high. Burlington enjoys an excellent temperate climate with an average of 200 sunny days each year, but yet more than the national averages for snow and precipitation.

At only about 12 square miles, Burlington is comparatively small. Yet, despite its small size, this town still packs in a respectable amount of nature. There are over 250 acres of permanently protected natural open space, known as Conservation Areas. The largest of these is the 140 acre Mill Pond Conservation Area, which surrounds the Mill Pond Reservoir. This protected area features a variety of trails and passive recreation areas amid dry woodlands, wetlands and vernal pools. Elsewhere, Little Brook Conservation Area protects 36 acres of low lying wetlands.

In each of these parks, visitors can appreciate a wide range of flora and fauna. Birding is a particularly popular activity. Birders might glimpse a Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Phoebe, Double-crested Cormorant, or a Black-capped Chickadee. There are plenty to see!

Birds may be so attracted to these areas due to other unfortunate Burlington residents. Like most places, Burlington has its share of pests. Many of them are just as likely to find their way into your home as to remain in nature. Burlington residents should be on the watch for evidence of unwanted guests such as drain flies. These small flies have a distinctive furry body and are common around drains and other damp places. Clover mites may also be a problem. These tiny red spider-like pests feed on plants and plant-based materials. They tend to come in large numbers and can leave ugly red stains if disturbed.

If you run into any of these pests, or any others that you’d like help with, give us a call today! Our Burlington exterminator team can resolve the issue for you without problem.

Burlington History and Pests

Burlington is a place where history is still evident. It was first settled by Europeans in 1641 and several structures from this era still remain. For example, visitors can now explore the Francis Wyman House. This structure, parts of which date back to 1666, is featured on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visitors can also meander a variety of other historical locations. The Marion Tavern and Grandview Farms mark a stopping point on the stagecoach path during early American history. Here, visitors can explore a unique trip back in time to see a 19th century connected farm complex.

Through most of its history, Burlington has been primarily agricultural. However, over the centuries, it has also seen its fair share of industry. More recently, however, it is more famous for producing athletes! Four Olympic athletes have called Burlington home, as have a number of other athletic stars.

However, a few other things also call Burlington home. But these ones are less likely to be filling your TV screens and more likely to be lurking in your basement. Burlington residents may experience problems with large communities of pests in their homes. For example, boxelder bugs tend to congregate in large numbers and they make their homes inside of yours. Once they have established themselves, they can be expected to return season after season. Mice may also become a problem. Once mice find conditions they like inside of your home, they will likely reproduce very rapidly. If these or any other pest become a problem in your home, it may be time to involve a Burlington pest control specialist and give us a call.