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Vikki B.-Massachusetts
– May 12, 2017
This was our first application, so we are still waiting to see results. Martin was very courteous, and explained the treatment he applies. He answered all of my questions.


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Clinton Geography and Pests

Clinton Entering SignThe town of Clinton, Massachusetts sits in the central part of the state. It isn’t especially large, claiming only 7.3 square miles, with only 5.7 square miles of that being taken up by land. It lies at a relatively low elevation of 366 feet above sea level.

Clinton is crisscrossed by a number of roadways. It is fairly densely populated, and much of the town consists of developed residential and commercial properties. The Nashua River runs through the town. Its most prominent geographical features, however, are the Wachusett Dam and the Wachusett Lake Reservoir. The dam was completed in 1905 and collects the Nashua River flow into the reservoir. The Wachusett Reservoir sits just south of Clinton, where it covers about seven 7 square miles and holds on average 65 billion gallons of water. At the time of completion, it was the largest public water supply reservoir in the world, and the dam was the largest gravity dam in the world as well.

Of course, with this much water in Clinton’s geography, there are bound to be some unwanted pests. Clinton residents are likely to experience issues with clouds of mosquitoes in the summer months. These annoying pests require water in which to breed, and their populations can soar in these conditions. If you notice a problem with mosquitoes around your home, contact us and we will send our Clinton exterminators to assist right away.

Clinton History and Pests

Clinton, Massachusetts was first settled by Europeans in the early- to mid-17th century; however, parts of Clinton were considered to be part of neighboring towns at the time. It wasn’t until 1850 that Clinton was incorporated as a town in its own right.

But long before it gained independent town status, Clinton was a thriving industrial place. In the early days, Clinton was known for the production of combs and textiles. There were two especially industrious brothers, Horatio and Erastus Bigelow, who set up shop in Clinton. They invented a new kind of power loom and created a company to manufacture their specially woven ornamental cloth, coach lace. They named their company “The Clinton Company” in honor of their favorite New York Hotel, the DeWitt Clinton Hotel.

As the Bigelow brothers industry thrived, more factories followed, and a booming industrial town grew around them. As the original factory, the name Clinton stuck to the area, and the town grew into what we now know today.

Unfortunately, Clinton still produces a few things that are less desirable than the Bigelow brothers beautiful cloth. Many area residents will notice problems with rapidly reproducing household pests. For example, mice may enter your home through even the smallest openings. Once inside, they will reproduce quickly. In these cases, it is best to quickly contact us so that our local Clinton pest control specialist can pay you a visit and set things right.

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