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5.0 out of 5 stars
Jason R.-Framingham Massachusetts
– April 19 2017
Glad it was so easy to get someone out under the warranty and tech answered all questions.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Brian M.-Framingham Massachusetts
– March 21, 2017
Positive experience overall, technician was very polite, thorough,and professional.


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Framingham Geography and Pests

Framingham Entering SignAbout half an hour west out of Boston in eastern Massachusetts lies the town of Framingham. This 26 square mile town sits at the relatively low elevation of 165 feet about sea level. It enjoys an incredibly pleasant climate with more than 200 days of sunshine a year and only about 80 days with measurable precipitation.

This area has plenty to offer the nature lover. Residents may enjoy the selection of local ponds, such as Learned Pond, Gleason Pond, or Farm Pond. Or they may opt to enjoy any of the local parks, such as Farm Pond Park, Longs Playground, Butterworth Park, or Mary Dennison Playground.

The town is bisected as Route 9 passes east and west through the middle. North and South Framingham each have their own unique personalities and communities. Downtown Framingham, including the town government centers, is located in South Framingham. The physical center of town, however, including the town commons, is actually in North Framingham.

Whichever part of town you live in, you may experience trouble with unwanted pests. Like most other area towns, Framingham is home to a variety of critters which may invade your home. Crickets, roaches and spiders may all find their way into your homes and begin to nest. Similarly, mice like to find a warm and comfortable place to settle in and start their families. Once they make your home their own, they are likely to breed quickly. If you should find that you have a problem with these undesirable pests, it would be a good idea to involve an expert Framingham exterminator and give us a call. We are familiar with all the local Framingham pests and can quickly and effectively take care of them for you.

Framingham History and Pests

Like many other towns in this area, Framingham’s history goes back hundreds of years. Long before it was settled by Europeans, Framingham played an important role in Native American tradition. This area was part of the Old Connecticut Path. This path was a Native American trail leading westward from the Massachusetts Bay to the Connecticut River Valley.

Later, these same trails were used by European colonialists and settlers for their own transport purposes. Along the way, Thomas Danforth received a land grant of 15,000 acres in the area that would become Framingham. It was from these early settlements that the town arose.

Framingham continued to be of importance as a stopping point along major lanes of transportation. Roads and later, highways, were built along the trails of the Old Connecticut Path. Following the Revolutionary War, Framingham was a stopover on the Stage Coach Line. Later still, trains began to flow through the region. This constant flow of traffic through the town allowed it to prosper and created a nice boost to the local economy.

In more modern times, Framingham drew attention as a leader in health studies and education. It is the location of such famous studies as the Framingham Heart Study, in which studies are conducted into various long term aspects of cardiovascular health. It was also the site of the 1917 Tuberculosis Demonstration during which possible solutions for the TB epidemic were thoroughly explored.

The town gained even more recognition as a center of industry when a number of companies found their homes in Framingham. Among these is Avery Dennison, a global leader in the manufacturing of adhesives.

Over the years, Framingham seems to have been involved in just about everything, in fact! And unfortunately for residents, that includes some less desirable things as well. Like most towns and cities, Framingham is not immune to plagues of unwanted household pests. Residents may face infestations of everything from ants to wasps in their homes. In these cases, it is best to involve a Framingham pest control specialist to get your problem resolved quickly!