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Kathleen B.-Massachusetts
– May 15, 2017
So far so good. It’s been raining and I haven’t seen any carpenter ants yet. Very professional and caring, both the salesman and the service worker. Very happy customer.


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Grafton Geography and Pests

Grafton Welcome SignGrafton, MA is located in Worcester County. The town is 23.3 square miles in area, half a square mile of which is water, primarily the Blackstone River. Grafton is located 40 miles west of Boston and includes within its boundaries the Hassanamisco Reservation, a Nipmuc village where an annual Native American Indian Fair is held. Grafton is also home to the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

Notable people who have lived in Grafton include film producer Nicholas Gage; Joel H. Johnson, a Mormon pioneer and Utah politician; and Earl Tupper, inventor of Tupperware.

The Blackstone River and other bodies of water are breeding grounds for mosquitos, which can be an annoyance in the summer in Grafton. They can also carry deadly diseases so it is important to control them if you are going to spend time outside. As a Grafton exterminator, we can rid your home and yard of these pests so you can enjoy the great outdoors.

Another pest common to the Grafton area is the boxelder bug. These bugs have characteristic yellow and red markings and they leave a red stain when squished. They are very strong and can force their way into your home through your window seals. They may swarm an area, then disappear, only to reappear a short time later.

Grafton History and Pests

Grafton was inhabited by the Nipmuc tribe when Reverend John Elliot arrived in 1647 and converted the Native Americans to Christianity. The town was incorporated in 1735. It was named for the second Duke of Grafton, who was Charles FitzRoy, the illegitimate son of King Charles II of England.

Grafton was a location of importance in the Industrial Revolution in New England, as the Blackstone River, which runs through the town, was the site of many mills. The Washington Mills complex, which was then called North Grafton’s Upper Mill, still produces abrasives today. Mill housing was built in the area for the workers at the mills.

Carpenter ants are a common pest in the area. They like to chew on old and damp wood so they are often found near outdoor decks and patios. If they get into your home, you’ll see them in the kitchen or bathroom. Our Grafton pest control company can rid your home of these pests.

As the weather cools off, mice will be looking for a warm place to find shelter and reproduce. They can squeeze into your home through the tiniest of openings. You’ll want a professional to get rid of these pests and keep them out.

We’re a local Grafton pest control company and we can exterminate these and other common pests quickly and effectively. We can have a technician dispatched to your home or place of business within one business day.