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Harvard Geography and Pests

Harvard Entering SignHarvard, Massachusetts is located in Worcester County, about 25 miles west northwest of Boston. The town is 27 square miles in area, of which just over half a mile is water, primarily in Bare Hill Pond. It is a woodsy area, with small rolling hills and flat fields. The town is replete with apple orchards, and is a popular family destination during the fall apple picking season.

Well-known people who live or have lived in Harvard include novelist Louisa May Alcott, musician Jonathan Edwards, cookbook author Fannie Farmer, and Donald Featherstone, who created the ubiquitous pink flamingo lawn ornament.

Yellow jackets are a common pest in Harvard and the surrounding area. These aggressive wasps can sting multiple times and their nests are often located in porches or under steps, close to the ground. They can be identified by their distinctive yellow and black bodies. As a Harvard pest control company, we have experience with eliminating yellow jacket nests.

Mice are a common problem as the weather turns cooler and they seek a warm place to take shelter and reproduce. They can squeeze into your home through the smallest of openings. Once there, they don’t like to leave, but we can help you resolve the issue and get rid of mice for good.

Harvard History and Pests

Harvard was settled by Europeans in the 1600s after the nearby towns of Groton and Lancaster were virtually destroyed during King Philip’s War. The town was incorporated in 1732 and was made up of five villages: Oak Hill, Still River, Bare Hill, Shabkin, and Old Mill. The town was nearly exclusively agricultural land until the mid-1900s, and still includes many apple orchards, one of the key crops since its inception.

The town includes the Harvard Shaker Village which was founded by Harvard residents who rebelled against the Protestant church in 1769. It was the second Shaker settlement in the country, and the first in Massachusetts. At one point, the town’s 200 Shakers owned 2,000 acres of land, but by 1890, the Shaker community in Harvard had diminished to fewer than 40 people.

Carpenter ants like to chew on old or damp wood, wo you will often see these big, black ants near outdoor decks or patios. If they get inside, you may find them in the kitchen or bathroom.

Mosquitos are common in the area in summer and can breed wherever there is standing water, including birdbaths and puddles on the ground. Often considered just a nuisance, they can carry deadly diseases. We’re a Harvard exterminator and we can rid your home and yard of these and other pests so you can get back to enjoying outdoor activities.

As a local Harvard pest control company, we’re experienced in dealing with yellow jackets, mice, carpenter ants, mosquitos, and many other pests. We can have a technician dispatched to your home or place of business within one business day.

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