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5.0 out of 5 stars
Kerry B.-Hopkinton Massachusetts
– April 6, 2017
Always a positive experience! Steve the tech is so nice and always willing to take the time to answer questions.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Samantha D.-Hopkinton Massachusetts
– March 30, 2017
No fuss, easy to deal with.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Bruce H.-Hopkinton Massachusetts
– March 28, 2017
Steve arrived on schedule and rang our doorbell to let us know he was on site. He seemed to do a thorough job, was polite, and friendly. I was satisfied with his service.


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Hopkinton Geography and Pests

Hopkinton Welcome SignHopkinton, Massachusetts is a town in Middlesex County about 25 miles west of Boston. Hopkinton’s claim to fame is that it is the starting point for the famous Boston Marathon. On the third Monday in April each year since 1897, runners have converged on this small town to begin the 26.2-mile run to Boston’s Back Bay. The first year, 18 participants ran in the race; now the event attracts over 30,000 runners and 500,000 spectators. It is the world’s oldest annual marathon and is one of the six World Marathon Majors.

The town of Hopkinton is 28.2 square miles in area, of which 1.6 square miles is water. The town is fairly flat, with some low rolling hills. The temperature fluctuates from an average low temperature of about 16ºF in January to an average high temperature of about 84ºF in July.

Notable residents of Hopkinton include Daniel Shays, leader of Shays’ Rebellion, an uprising protesting economic and civil rights injustices just after the Revolutionary War; Richard Egan, founder of EMC Corporation whose headquarters are in Hopkinton; and PGA golfer Keegan Bradley.

With the seasonal variations in temperature common to the New England area, Hopkinton sees a variety of seasonal pests. Mosquitos are prevalent in summer, and while most people consider them merely a nuisance, they can also carry deadly diseases and should be exterminated in areas where people gather for outdoor activities. Boxelder bugs are also common, and are strong enough to force their way through window seals into your home. These bugs can appear in large numbers, then suddenly disappear, only to reappear a short time later. Our Hopkinton pest control professionals can free your home from both of these kinds of bugs and other local pests such as ticks.

Hopkinton History and Pests

Hopkinton was named for Edward Hopkins, a colonist from Connecticut who left a large bequest to be used to invest in land in New England with the proceeds to benefit Harvard University. Harvard trustees bought the land from the Native Americans and named it after Hopkins when it was incorporated in 1715.

The town was primarily agricultural, and the land was used to grow grain initially. Fruit and dairy farming came later, and industry was introduced in the mid-1800s when shoe and boot factories were opened. When the factories were built, they were accompanied by housing for the many workers employed there.

The historic district of Hopkinton, known as the Cedar Swamp Archaeological District includes 187 properties that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The town also includes the Hopkinton Center Historic District, which surrounds the town common and includes the Town Hall and Center School.

These historic building are susceptible to carpenter ants, which like damp or old wood to chew on, although they do not eat wood like termites do. These ‘big black ants’ can also enter homes and be found in kitchens and bathrooms. New construction can also fall victim to these pests, as they are often found near wooden decks and patios.

Another pest problem common to Hopkinton is mice, which can squeeze into very tiny spaces and like to go indoors as the weather gets cool in the fall. Once they find a place they like, they don’t want to leave and can multiply rapidly.

As a local Hopkinton exterminator, we can rid your home of carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, mosquitos, mice, and many other pests. We can usually have a technician at your home or place of business within one business day, and we treat your property quickly and effectively to eliminate the pests and discourage them from coming back.