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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Marlborough

Wasps and Hornets

Both yellow jackets and bald-faced hornets are common in Marlborough, and they will protect their nests aggressively.

Yellow jackets are the smaller of the two and tend to build nests under porches and around entryways. Bald-faced hornets are larger and prefer to hang their nests up high, like in trees.

Both yellow jackets and bald-faced hornets are capable of stinging multiple times, and their venom can be toxic.


There are numerous species of ants that are common in the Marlborough area, including pharaoh ants, citronella ants, acrobat ants and carpenter ants.

Pharaoh and citronella ants prefer to live indoors, so they are common in offices and residential communities.

Acrobat and carpenter ants love old wood and can cause serious damage to antique homes, though they are often found in new construction as well. Homes near forested areas like the Felton Conservation Area are generally at the highest risk of carpenter ant infestations.

Other Pests

Like any city, Marlborough is home to a number of other common pests as well. These can include roaches, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents and more.

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Hao Z.
– Marlborough, MA
“Very good.”
Joy J.
– Marlborough, MA
“Pretty good, we are usually gone when the technician is there. The times we have interacted with your workers they have been tidy and polite. I say this because it gives us the impression of competency, consideration for your clients and professionalism. All things that should make your service excellent.”
Mark N.
– Marlborough, MA
“The team responded very well with the mix up on scheduling.”
Nadia S.
– Marlborough, MA
“This was our second time we used your services. Last year one-time application worked great – we had very few bugs. I hope this year will be the same. The technician was professional and courteous.”

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About Marlborough, MI

Marlborough is located about 40 minutes west of Boston. The city covers about 22 square miles, much of which is devoted to forests and conservation areas.

There are also several lakes and reservoirs in the area, making Marlborough an attractive home for nature-lovers.

Although it is great to have beautiful, protected land just outside your door, it can also expose you to heightened pest activity throughout the year.

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