What Our Marlborough Customers Are Saying

4.5 out of 5 stars
Sharon A.-Marlborough Massachusetts
– April 12, 2017
Pretty good, we are usually gone when the technician is there. The times we have interacted with your workers they have been tidy and polite. I say this because it gives us the impression of competency, consideration for your clients and professionalism. All things that should make your service excellent.
4.0 out of 5 stars
Cynthia R.-Marlborough Massachusetts
– April 7, 2017
Company was successful in ridding our home of carpenter ants.


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Marlborough Geography and Pests

Marborough Welcome SignMarlborough is a city in eastern Massachusetts about forty minutes to the west of Boston. This area has plenty of lush nature to show. About 22 square miles in size, this city includes three large lakes within its city limits: Lake Williams, Millham Reservoir and Fort Meadow Reservoir. It is also drained by the Assabet River.

In addition to plentiful water features, Marlborough also has abundant natural land to explore. With more than a dozen protected Conservation areas and a myriad of trail options, residents and visitors can easily get close to nature.

For example, in Ghiloni State Forest and Nature Trail, visitors can meander the trails through deep coniferous forests of red and white pines. With over 100 acres of protected land in this park, there are also plenty of wetlands and vernal pools to see.

Unfortunately, nature also has a less desirable side. Along with the beautiful forests and vernal pools, Marlborough is home to a variety of traditional household pests. Depending on the season, residents might struggle with an assortment of stinging insects. In addition to bees, you might encounter yellow jackets. These small, predatory wasps have a signature black and yellow body. While most wasps tend to be aggressive, these wasps are especially so. They will defend their nests, which often tend to be near your porch or entryway, and they are able to sting multiple times.

Similarly, bald-faced hornets, which tend to be larger, with a black and white body and face, often have large, high-hanging nests. They too will aggressively protect their nests and their venom can be very toxic.

If confronted with stinging pests in or around your home, it is best to seek immediate help from the Marlborough exterminator experts. Simply give us a call and let us know what kind of pest activity you’re experience, and we will sort you right out!

Marlborough History and Pests

The history of Marlborough, like many cities and towns in the area, goes back many centuries to a time when the land was governed by varied Native American tribes. However, in the early to mid-17th century, the area was increasingly inhabited by European settlers. Early records indicate that the two cultures initially worked together. The first settlers were welcomed by local tribes because of their ability to help defend the tribe against other rival tribes.

Later, cultural collaboration took a slightly different direction when Marlborough became one of the seven “Praying Indian Towns”. In these towns, native tribes-people were convinced to convert to European traditions and the Christian religion. However, this spirit of collaboration didn’t last long and the entire settlement was nearly destroyed by Native Americans during King Philip’s War in 1676.

Marlborough eventually became a hub of industry and production, like many others in the area. In particular, the city was a producer of shoes. Three notable shoe factories based in Marlborough are Rice & Hutchins, Inc, Frye Boots, and The Rockport Company. In fact, shoe production was so central to the city’s heritage that on the occasion of its centennial in 1990, the shoe manufacturing industry played a central part in the festivities.

However, shoes factories aren’t the only production lines in Marlborough. And these other hardworking groups are much less desirable. Residents in Marlborough may have problems with household pests. For example, a variety of ants may invade your home with their efficient production chains. Pharaoh ants are commonly found indoors, especially in business buildings. Citronella ants, with their distinctive lemony smell, could invade your kitchen or bathroom. Or acrobat ants may make a nuisance in your old wood. However, if these, or any other pests, make your home their own, just call your Marlborough pest control specialist proof. Pest for quick relief.