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Anywhere you have standing water, you’ll find mosquitoes. These biting bugs don’t just leave your skin red and itchy; they can also carry dangerous diseases.

Since they need standing water to reproduce, they are common around natural or man-made water features like like Millpond or along the banks of the Assabet River. This even includes things like swimming pools, fish ponds, fountains and puddles on the ground!

Mosquitoes are more active in Maynard during the summer when the weather is hot and humid. If you’re tired of mosquitoes getting more use out of your yard during the summer than you and your family, our Mosquito & Tick Control service provides your home with 80-90% reduction in these annoying pests all summer long! It also works against ticks.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large and black, and they like to chew spaces in damp, old wood to build their nests in. This is why they are commonly found in the historic, antique homes that are characteristic of the New England region.

Though they prefer older wood, you can still find them in newer homes, particularly if you have a wooden porch or deck. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for these potentially-damaging pests if your home is on the south side of town near the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, especially if the house is older.

Other Pests

You’ll also find boxelder bugs, spiders, roaches, mice and other pests in Maynard, though they are common in other regions as well.

Here at proof., we are familiar with all of the pest types in New England and can help you rid your property of them safely and efficiently. Get in touch with us today for a free pest evaluation and quote!

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“On time ,courteous the young man took the time to explain your products and was very professional”
Joan B.
– Maynard, MA
“Really liked our technician. But, now I see a bee/wasp nest near our bedroom window. It wasn’t there when we had our treatment. Please take care of it next time.”

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About Maynard, MA

Maynard is a small town about 22 miles west of Boston.

It covers only about 5.4 square miles, and much of that space is taken up by the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge in the southern portion of town. The terrain is relatively flat, and the Assabet River runs right through the heart of Maynard.

Maynard’s seasonal climate and natural areas mean that it’s an ideal living spot for many different kinds of pests. If you’re seeing some of these unwelcome visitors in your home or yard, give us a call today for a free Maynard pest control quote!