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Mendon Geography and Pests

Mendon Entering SignMendon, Massachusetts is a city in central Massachusetts. It was originally inhabited by the people of the Nipmuc tribe, who took their name from the many sources of water in the area.

Mendon is a place of many streams, as well as Nipmuc Pond. It covers 18 square miles of gently rolling, lush green terrain. In the summer, Mendon enjoys a warm and humid season. Winters in Mendon bring plenty of cold and wet precipitation. However, visit Mendon in the fall and you will be treated to a fiery display as the city’s maples and oaks explode into vibrant autumnal colors.

An excellent place to enjoy these displays is Mendon Town Forest. Access the park from Millville Road and enjoy plentiful trails through lovely forests and around historical sites going back to the 17th century.

If you do visit Mendon’s forests, take care not to bring back unwelcome houseguests. Like many places, Mendon is prone to the usual variety of common household pests. For example, wood roaches enjoy making their homes among wooded areas. But unfortunately, they can often be brought back into our homes from visits to the forest or when we bring in our winter firewood. If you notice a problem with these or other household pests, don’t hesitate to call us so we can arrange for our local Mendon exterminator to quickly resolve your problem.

Mendon History and Pests

Mendon, like other parts of Massachusetts, was originally home to Native American tribes, including the Nipmuc. Some of these tribes were part of the 17th century tradition of “Praying Indians”. In this practice, the newly arriving European settlers convinced Native Americans to convert to Christianity and European cultural traditions.

The Europeans arrived in the mid 17th century and the city of Mendon was officially incorporated in 1667. Unfortunately, most of the town was burnt to the ground during the violence of King Philips War in 1675. It wasn’t until 1680 that the villagers finally rebuilt.

As it grew, Mendon became a thriving community. It is part of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corner, which is recognized as one of the oldest industrialized regions in the US.

Having been incorporated in 1667, Mendon will celebrate its 350th Anniversary in 2017. But it has a few residents who have been here since well before then. Household pests have long been a problem in Mendon. Residents here may notice problems with mice or roaches in their homes. As your local Mendon pest control specialist, we can resolve the issue right away. Give us a call so you can go back to living pest-free.

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