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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Milford

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are common in Milford, thanks to the plentiful forests in the area. They drill holes into wood to create a series of chambers for their home.

This can weaken the structure of the wood, eventually destroying it. You’ll often find them near areas with trees, like the Peppercorn Hill Conservation Area, so be on the lookout if you live in the northwestern part of town.

If they make their way to your home, they can destroy any exposed wood over time such as the deck, porch and siding. This is because each generation of carpenter bees only lives for 1 year, but future generations tend to re-use the same nests or nesting areas as previous ones.


When you have a large amount of standing water like Milford Pond roughly in the center of town, you’re going to have mosquitoes.

These flying insects leave itchy bites and can also carry harmful diseases. Because they reproduce in still water, you can also expect to find them around swimming pools, ponds, the bases of plant pots and large puddles on the ground.

They tend to be more active during summer when the weather is warm and humid. Our Mosquito & Tick Control service can cut their population in and around your home by 85% starting in just a few days, and it works against ticks, too!

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Other Pests

Ants and wasps are other common pests we see during the warmer months in Milford.

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About Milford, MI

Milford is located in central Massachusetts, about a 45-minute drive west of Boston. Once a farming town, the area is now predominantly residential, though there is still plenty of open space.

The climate is pleasant, with about 200 days of sun each year. Rain is common as well, keeping the local forests green and providing a suitable environment for a variety of flora and fauna. Outdoor opportunities abound in Milford as well, giving local residents a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

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