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Barbara K.-Natick Massachusetts
– March 30, 2017
Good experience so far. We’ll see if the ants come back.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Dick P.-Natick Massachusetts
– March 27, 2017


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Natick Geography and Pests

Natick Center SignAnother one of Massachusetts’ charming cities is Natick. About an hour west of Boston, Natick sits peacefully near the waterfront of Lake Cochituate. It is about 16 square miles, most of which is residential land.

The city sprawls around the intersection of two main thoroughfares: Central Street and Main Street. The area immediately surrounding this intersection is known as Natick Center and serves as the cultural and commercial heart of the community.

Although Natick is a relatively small city, it has several neighborhoods beyond the city center. East Natick is primarily residential. West Natick is also residential, with the highest population density in the city, but is also heavily commercial. South Natick, however, stands more alone. This area has more nature to explore and also has historical significance in that it is the area which was first settled by Native Americans.

Natick also has plenty of water. It was founded along the banks of the Charles River. These days, the city also pushes up against the shores of Lake Cochituate, Fiske Pond and Dug Pond. And where there is plentiful water and lots of nature, pests are sure to follow! Residents of Natick may have problems with various beetles. Saw-toothed grain beetles and cigarette beetles like to find their way into your home and live off of your stored foods. And some, like the Asian beetle, tend to congregate in large communities. If you have one, there is a good chance that you have a problem with many! But no worries, enlisting our help as a local Natick exterminator will take care of things right away.

Natick History and Pests

Natick has an interesting history of cultures blending. It was first settled by Europeans in 1652, when a Puritan missionary named John Eliot made this village a hub of religious conversion. The British government had commissioned Eliot to settle the area around the village and convert the local Native Americans to the Christian religion and European traditions. Native community members who converted and adhered to the strict set of laws which governed them were called “Praying Indians”. While this practice of converting native peoples to European religions and traditions occurred throughout the colonial territory, Natick is often regarded as one of the first examples. In fact, the first native language Bible was printed here in Algonquin.

Later, Natick became a hub of a different sort. With the invention of the sewing machine in 1858, Natick saw a swell of industry. It quickly became a center for the production of shoes. During its industrial heyday, this area was home to twenty-three operating shoe factories. It was ranked third in the country in terms of shoe production and was known for manufacturing a specific kind of boot worn by many soldiers.

Natick was home to one shoe producer who went on to become quite important. Henry Wilson, born in 1812, was a prominent cobbler who made his business successes in Natick. However, later Wilson left the shoe-making business and went on to serve as US Vice President under Ulysses S Grant.

Natick is also home to some rather less exciting figures. For example, residents in this area may experience problems with household pests like bees, wasps and hornets. Bald-faced hornets, for instance, may have nests as large as a basketball! They are aggressive and not only do they sting, but they have the unique ability to squirt their venom. Yellow jackets, on the other hand, are smaller but even more aggressive. Whatever the variety of stinging pest you have in your home, with the help of your proof. Natick pest control specialists you can reclaim your home for yourself!