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Newton, MA, Geography and Pests

Newton Welcome SignNewton is a city located in the state of Massachusetts. It spans an area of 18.2 square miles and is made up of 13 distinctive villages. Out of the city’s total area, 0.2 square miles is water. The River Charles meanders through Massachusetts, bordering Newton to the north.

This charming city is considered one of the most livable places in the country because of its schools, community life, and wonderful open spaces. More than 85,000 people call Newton home. The city also houses three popular colleges and a public library that has an extensive collection of books and documents. It’s one of the most equipped libraries in the state.

Newton is not considered a commuter suburb. Most people who reside here either find employment in Newton or neighboring towns. This city does offer a lot in the way of recreation, business, and education, and like most other cities in the US, it has its own share of pest related problems. Our pest control specialists in Newton, MA use some of the latest measures to take care of all manner of pests that live in this area – we even offer organic treatment options!

Newton, MA, History, and Pests

Since Newton is made up of 13 villages, it doesn’t have one big city center. You’ll instead come across smaller downtown areas in some villages.

This city was originally settled in 1630. It’s now a vibrant place that’s home to many historical sites. Those interested in Newton’s history will appreciate the old homes located along Crystal Lake, the East and West Parish Burial Grounds, as well as the Jackson Homestead—a place that once served as a safe house on the Underground Railroad.

There are numerous parks in Newton, complete with tennis courts, basketball courts, off-leash dog areas and more. They give residents plenty of opportunities to get active and enjoy nature. As with most other parks, these recreational areas also become habitats for wildlife and pests. Our exterminators in Newton, MA often have to treat both indoor and outdoor areas to keep pest problems at bay.

The villages of Newton see a lot of carpenter ants, mosquitoes, mice, roaches, and lady beetles. While some of them carry infectious diseases, others enter homes and commercial spaces looking for places to hibernate or multiply.

  • Carpenter ants inhabit both indoor and outdoor areas. They chew on dead or damp wood with their sharp mandibles and are known to destroy wooden structures that are wet or damp. The most common species seen in the US is the black carpenter ant.
  • Mosquitoes not only attack humans but they bite pets too. Their saliva can aggravate dogs and cause skin conditions. They can also bite humans and transmit diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Encephalitis, and Zika.
  • Mice carry parasites and act as vectors for Lyme disease and typhus. They’re also known to cause rat-bite fever when they bite humans.
  • Roaches are not very easy to eradicate. They’re responsible for spreading harmful bacteria like Salmonella. They’re also capable of surviving without food for up to 3 months, and they multiply rapidly.

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