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Because of the Charles River and Farm Pond, mosquitoes are common in Sherborn. These flying insects require standing water to reproduce, so they are drawn to areas near natural or man-made water features.

If you live near either of these water features or if you have a swimming pool, fish pond or fountain on your property, you’ll be at a higher risk of mosquito activity.

Aside from leaving red, itchy bites, mosquitoes can also carry a variety of harmful diseases, posing a potential threat to you, your family and even your pets!

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs make their homes in boxelder and maple trees, like those found at Mass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary and Medfield Charles River State Reservation. They can also make their way from the forest into your Sherborn home, especially if you live near one of these wooded areas.

These bugs are remarkably strong and can force their way into your home through your window or door seals. Just when you think they have gone away, they’ll often return in an even bigger swarm!

Other Pests

Carpenter ants are drawn to the old wood in many of the antique homes in the region, though they can infest new constructions as well. Mice and other small rodents are also common in Sherborn and the surrounding area, as are spiders, roaches, and other household pests.

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About Sherborn, MA

Sherborn, MA is a small town about 18 miles southwest of Boston. It covers approximately 16.2 square miles, much of which is open space.

The area is mostly residential, and there is some farming in the region as well. Farm Pond and the Charles River are the area’s most identifying water features.

The natural, open spaces and water features make Sherborn a paradise for many different kinds of pests. Give us a call today for a free Sherborn pest control quote, and we’ll be happy to take care of all your pests for you!