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– April 1, 2017
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Shrewsbury Geography and Pests

Shrewsbury Entering SignShrewsbury is a small town in central Massachusetts. It is just shy of 22 square miles in size, most of which is land. The area is notably quite hilly and features many streams. It enjoys a temperate climate with four pleasant seasons.

Gracing the banks of Lake Quinsigamond, Shrewsbury has long been a destination for relaxation seekers. Unlike most of the surrounding communities, Shrewsbury was never a mill town or a farming village. Instead, the combination of lush nature and welcoming climate has made Shrewsbury into more of a resort town.

In the summer, residents can enjoy more than a dozen landscaped parks and recreational areas. And in the winter, many people visit to enjoy winter sports. Shrewsbury sits at an elevation of only 668 feet. However, despite a relatively low elevation, the area does offer a popular ski resort. Winter enthusiasts enjoy 45 acres of skiing and snowboarding terrain, including a few black runs.

However, winter fun seekers are not the only seasonal beings to descend on Shrewsbury. Like many places, Shrewsbury is prone to a variety of seasonal pests. For example, residents may encounter problems with seasonal boxelder bugs. These pests are recognized by their characteristic black and red markings and may descend on your home in large numbers. Once they take up residence, they may seem to disappear for a period of time, but will likely return again in full force for the next season.

If you find yourself with the problem of less desirable seasonal guests, you don’t need to deal with it alone. Contacting a proven Shrewsbury exterminator will resolve your issue in no time. We can come out to your home in 1-2 business days in most situations and professionally take care of any pests you’re seeing.

Shrewsbury History and Pests

Although Shrewsbury was first settled by Europeans as early as 1664, it wasn’t officially incorporated until 1727. In 1716, a group of people first set their eyes on creating a township on this spot. They petitioned the government and were granted their request on the condition that they arrange for forty families and an orthodox minister to live there within three years. They achieved this goal and the town of Shrewsbury was born.

However, things weren’t always easy in Shrewsbury. During the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, economic conditions proved to be unstable. Up until that point, much of the economy in this area had been based on agriculture. However, during this time and in the immediate post-war years, prices for agricultural products fell. As the economy continued to deteriorate, many in central Massachusetts became frustrated. An armed resistance was formed in an effort to close courts and prevent debt collection and foreclosures. This event was known as Shay’s Rebellion and Shrewsbury served as a main staging ground for many of the insurgents.

Schrewsbury’s later history has fortunately been much more peaceful. With the development of better transportation options, Lake Quisigamond became a beloved resort destination. Lakeside cottages and recreational areas became the focal point of the local economy. Two rival family amusement parks, Lincoln Park and White City, were opened on the shores of the lake. White City drew large numbers of people to Shrewsbury and featured water attractions, a roller coaster, a penny arcade and other amusements typical of these parks during that era.

While many people come to Shrewsbury to relax, one thing might hinder your relaxation. Shrewsbury is just as prone to local pests as most other places are. Residents may find their homes are also hosting a variety of spiders. Or you may discover an infestation of firebrats in your home. These indoor pests, which are similar to silverfish, may settle in to feast on your starches. When you find these, or any other kind of local pest, are disrupting your relaxation, it’s time to enlist the help of a Shrewsbury pest control team and give us a call!