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Stow Geography and Pests

Stow Entering SignStow, Massachusetts lies 21 miles west of Boston in the area known as MetroWest. It is in Middlesex County and is 18.1 square miles in area, one-half square mile of which is water. The Assabet River runs through Stow, and it is also home to Lake Boon and Elizabeth Brook.

Stow boasts four golf courses within its borders. The most well known course is Stow Acres Country Club, where the 1995 US Amateur Public Links Championship was held. The town is also home to several apple orchards, which draw many visitors during apple picking season in the fall.

Stow is or was home to a number of notable people, including Dan Duquette, former general manager of the Montreal Expos and Boston Red Sox and current GM of the Baltimore Orioles; Grace Metalious, author of Peyton Place, and former secretary of state George P. Shultz.

A bucolic town with many recreational areas, Stow experiences an influx of mosquitos in the summer. These bugs can carry deadly diseases in addition to being an annoyance. As a Stow pest control company, we can help eliminate mosquitos so you can enjoy your favorite summer activities in peace.

Boxelder bugs are another pest that is common to the area. These bugs can swarm your home in large numbers, and then disappear suddenly. They often reappear until they are professionally eliminated.

Stow History and Pests

Stow was settled by Matthew Boon and John Kettell in the mid-1600s, having previously been occupied by the Tantamous Native Americans, who called the area Pompocitticut. The town was incorporated in 1683. Boon and Kettell both fought in King Philip’s War in 1676. Kettell survived the war; Boon did not.

Both antique homes and new construction in Stow can find themselves infested with carpenter ants. These big, black ants like to chew on old and damp wood so you may see them near your wooden deck or outdoor patio. If they get into your home, you may find them in the kitchen or bathrooms.

As the New England winter approaches and the days get cooler, many Stow homeowners find that mice have taken up residence in their warm houses. They can squeeze in through the tiniest of openings. Once they get in they don’t want to leave! A professional Stow exterminator can rid your home of mice and keep them from coming back.

We are professional Stow pest control experts and we can get rid of mosquitos, boxelder bugs, carpenter ants, mice, and other common pests. We can dispatch an expert technician to your home or place of business within one business day.

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