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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Stow


Stow experiences an influx of mosquitoes in the summer. These insects reproduce in standing water, so they are most common around water features like Crow Island or the Delaney Flood Control Site.

If you live near these spots or even if you have a pond or fountain on your property, your home may be more prone to mosquito activity. Mosquitoes tend to be most active in the summertime when the weather is hot and humid, especially in the evenings.

Carpenter Ants

New England is known for its stunning antique architecture, but older homes can be a haven for carpenter ants and other wood-loving bugs.

These large, black ants tend to prefer old, damp wood, but they won’t pass by new construction. Though they don’t eat wood like termites do, they do chew on it to make their nests, weakening the structure over time.

Stow homes near areas with trees, such as the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge or Marble Hill Conservation Area, tend to be at the highest risk of carpenter ant infestations.

Other Pests

Boxelder bugs are common in wooded areas of Stow, and mice and rats are common throughout Stow (just like they are pretty much anywhere).

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Ed C.
– Stow, MA
“Good…although this visit probably could have been prevented if someone came back to do the outside perimeter because that want done the visit before this due to rain. We somehow fell through the cracks with that.
Thomas is very good.”
Edawrd C.
– Stow, MA
“Love proof. Have no problems and no bugs. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable and accomadating.”
Jill R.
– Stow, MA
“The technician is friendly and thorough.”
Maureen L.
– Stow, MA
“The technician is very courteous and efficient. He re-introduced himself, was very thorough, and clean and quick. I appreciate his work.”

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About Stow, MA

Stow is part of the Greater Boston metropolitan area and is located about 21 miles west of the city center.

The Assabet River runs through the southern part of town, and there are many recreational areas throughout it as well.

Apple orchards throughout Stow attract visitors from across the country and around the world during the fall apple-picking season. There are also four golf courses in Stow, providing recreation for locals and visitors alike.

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