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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Sudbury


Mosquitoes are common in Sudbury anywhere you can find standing water, like Willis Pond or Carding Mill Pond. They can even take up residence in fountains and puddles on your property!

Mosquitoes are most active over the summer, especially if you live near any kind of natural or man-made water feature. Not only do mosquito bites itch like crazy, but they can also transmit diseases, putting a dampener on your enjoyment of the beautiful summer weather.

If you’d like to take back your yard from mosquitoes this summer (and ticks, too), check out our summer-long Mosquito & Tick Control service.

Carpenter Ants

Because of all the older homes in Sudbury, carpenter ants pose a serious problem for homeowners, particularly those with antique homes.

These large ants chew holes in wood to make their nests in (they don’t actually eat the wood like termites do, though). They particularly like rotten or decomposing wood since it’s softer and easier to chew.

While they like older wood (and the older homes it’s common in), they can be found in newer homes as well, often hiding out in porches and decks on the outside of homes, and kitchens and bathrooms on the inside. If you live near the Pantry Brook Wildlife Management Area, Hopbrook Marsh Conservation Land, or another forested area, your home may be especially at risk.

Carpenter ants are one of 30+ Massachusetts pests covered in our popular year-round Pest Free Guarantee™ service.

Other Pests

Boxelder bugs are common near wooded areas in Sudbury, and rodents, roaches and spiders are common throughout it as well.

For help with any local pest, call the experts at proof. Our team of local pest experts is familiar with the types of pests that call Sudbury home, AND we know all the best ways to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. Call today to get started!

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Angela G.
– Sudbury, MA
“always reliable.”
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– Sudbury, MA
“The technician, Tom, was very thorough, polite, and helpful. He also took time to explain things. I would highly recommend him.”
Esther J.
– Sudbury, MA
Katherine S.
– Sudbury, MA
“I have not seen a spider, ant, bee, etc. in my house since I started using Proof Pest Control. The technician is always efficient and unobtrusive. I would definitely recommend them!”
Kirsten R.
– Sudbury, MA
“Good job, very professional.”
Natali C.
– Sudbury, MA
“Professional and friendly service”
Rachel r.
– Sudbury, MA
“Thomas was polite and courteous and knew what he was doing. Everything one hopes for in service. Thank you!
RUth G.
– Sudbury, MA
“Jose was very nice and thorough. Discussed things with me and listened well.
I’d like to have him come back for future service, since he now knows what he did and where things are, to follow-up.”
Susan L.
– Sudbury, MA
“Technician I met with today was on time, polite and efficient.”
Susan R.
– Sudbury, MA
“Thomas is the most professional, accommodating and knowledgeable about the work he dioes. He strives to make his clients happy.
He’s an asset to the company,
Susan R.”

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About Sudbury, MA

Sudbury is a suburban community located about 30 miles west of Boston, and on a clear day, you can see the city in the distance from high points in town.

The area started out as a rural community, though today it is mostly residential.

Sudbury is home to some of the stunning antique architecture that New England is so famous for, and property values in the area are on the rise, making it an attractive place for families to live.

If some of those families are pest families setting up home in your house, give us a call today for a free Sudbury pest control quote!

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