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Upton Geography and Pests

Upton Welcome SignSouth of Interstate 90 and west of Interstate 495, the city of Upton, Massachusetts sits on twenty-two square miles of rolling green land. While the city itself is mostly developed residential and commercial property, natural features can be found all around the city center.

To the northeast of Upton are Pratt Pond and Mill Pond. These ponds are shallow, weedy and warm. They are home to a variety of fish, including Bullheads and Black Crappie in the summer and Chain Pickerel and Yellow Perch in the winter.

To the northwest of the city is the West River. And to the north you will find the Upton State Forest. Spanning 2800 acres, this state owned forest area is home to a variety of ecological habitats. For example, parts of the forest are red maple swamps. Elsewhere, you will find forests of Massachusetts white pine and oak. Throughout the park are diverse wildlife that are native to the area.

Of course, some critters native to Massachusetts aren’t worth protecting. We mean, of course, the household pests common to so many area homes. For example, you may notice that your home has been invaded by colonies of carpenter ants. These tiny critters make their homes in your wooden fixtures. They may not eat wood, like termites do, but they will definitely cause damage. In these cases, a call to our Upton exterminator will take care of the problem.

Upton History and Pests

In June of 1735, the city of Upton was incorporated, after having been settled by Europeans in 1728. Before this, however, the area was inhabited by members of the Nipmuc tribe.

During the 19th century, as the industrial age took off, many area communities joined in the shoe production industry. Upton was among these communities and excelled. By 1837, Upton was producing nearly a quarter of all shoes made in the county. Of course, not content to simply excel in one area, Upton then decided to expand into the hat and bonnet making business as well. Once again, Upton went straight to the head of the class by building the world’s largest hat production facility at Knowlton Hat Factory. And as if this weren’t enough, Upton also holds a claim to fame as the home of Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin.

Unfortunately, Upton also produces a few less desirable things as well. Residents in Upton may notice a problem with household pests. For example, mice may enter your home through even the smallest openings. If they choose to make their home in your attic or basement, you could have a bigger problem! Like other hard-working Upton residents, mice will produce in large numbers! When this happens, contact us so that we can send our trusted Upton pest control specialist right away!